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Does cancelled/expired business name registration create any

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Does cancelled/expired business name registration create any potential liability?
I had a business that I ran as sole proprietor. I had the business name registered in the state where I lived (Florida), as assumed business name. Some time ago I had sold the business and I let my assumed business name registration expire. But in the state database it still shows with the status "expired". The new owner has never registered this assumed name under his name, because they run it under a different business name. My question is if somebody sues the business, can their creditor go after me? The reason is this: the assumed name was not a part of the sale anywhere in the sale paperwork, because the new owner did not intend to use it. Yet that name might show up somewhere in their business operations, such as old pre-printed forms, or the old pages of business website. If somebody researched that business name - it shows that it was registred to me personally (although expired). I understand that I can explain all this in court if somebody sues me, but of course my preference would be to never have any of this in the first place.

Hello there


So long as you have proof that you sold the business, anything that occurs after the date that you sold it has nothing to do with you and you cannot be sued for it. In addition, the fact that the name is XXXXX XXXXX FL means that no one has the right to use it any longer unless YOU renew it to use it for something else. This is simply nothing to be concerned about -- from the date you sold the business you are off the hook for anyhting that the new owner does in regard to running the business or any future liability created.


Please let me know if you have further questions.




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