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I have a agreement with my ex wife about child support and

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I have a agreement with my ex wife about child support and I paid 1600 between cash and bills, when in California I would only have to pay 721. Her lawyer who we did the agreement with said I would have to pay 1600 that's why I agreed to it. Now I want to pay the 721 can I stop paying the extra right away or do I have to go get a new agreement and pay the extra til the new agreement is set?
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Good afternoon. Was this agreement part of court proceedings or just between you and her outside of court? Also, why would you rely on her attorney who is clearly acting in her best interest? Finally, do you think she would agree to a new agreement or would you proceed through the court?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
It was between me we and her lawyer in his office. He did the work for free and I was told he was just there to mediate it and file our divorce for us. And we would have to go to court cause she still wants the majority of the money she said for me having them 30% of the time she could knock off 150 dollars a month
Thank you for the additional information. In a situation like this, if you just stopped paying according to the terms and conditions of it, you would be in breach and she would have a legal right to go after you. In an ideal situation, you would be able to present your argument/case to her and see if she would agree to reduce the amount and allow you to pay what you owe. If not, then you would need to obtain a new agreement. Until that agreement is put in place, you should not just stop paying the full amount, since she is likely to come back and try and go after you for the balance owed, as a result of not paying the full amount, before it was changed. Of course, if she tries to come back and get the difference, you can raise any defenses which you have, to prevent her from collecting it.
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