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We have someone living with us who lives in another FL city.

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We have someone living with us who lives in another FL city. In Oct we are going away for a month and do not want her in our house then. This has been explained to her verbally. She has no car, DL is suspended, no utility bills, no voter registration or bank account that can attach her to our address. No employment - - yet. There is no contract, written or implied, that she can live with us in return for any goods or service she is to provide to us. She has been living with her mother in the other city and can go back there. She will have been with us 3 1/2 months. Is there anything to prevent us from calling the police to eject her if push comes to shove?
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Good afternoon. Can you please clarify where she actually resides? You stated above she lives with you but went on to say she lives in another city with her mother. I am just trying to understand the situation and if she stays with you half the time and stays with her mother and how she has access to your home, if you never gave her a key.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

She is our ex-daughter-in-law who lives in Boynton Beach. We moved from Texas to St. Augustine, Fl because our grandson needs to go to the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind. Our grandson, Brandon, had been evaluated and accepted there but she nixed the idea. The divorce decree requires both parents agree on major educational decisions. We asked her to come here with Brandon to evaluate the school. She liked what she saw and enrolled him. He will start Aug 19. Now she wants to move her life to St Augustine to be near her son. She is now working on her GED and half heartedly looking for a job. We can temporize a while longer, but we will want her to move somewhere else when we go to Anchorage for the month of October. She is living here with us and doesn't need a key. Brandon has now gone back to Boynton Beach to spend 3 weeks with his father, our son, before he comes back to St. Augustine to enroll in the School.

Thank you for the additional information. In an ideal situation, you would ask her to leave no later then August 31, 2013, giving her a months notice, in writing, to vacate, as you no longer want her residing there. She would then vacate and you would not have to worry. However, if she fails to vacate at that time, you would need to start the legal process for ejectment, through the court. While you can certainly call the police and ask that they get involved, they are likely going to tell you this is a civil issue and they can not remove her, if she has been living there. As such, if you wait until you leave in October, you may not have enough time to go through the legal process to remove her and she would remain.
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