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Im recently divorced (became final 12/12). About March I

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I'm recently divorced (became final 12/12). About March I received the first of several notifications from Google+ asking if I knew someone with a screen name consisting of my last name and my daughter's middle name. I became concerned that my minor daughter had opened a social networking account without my, or her mother's, knowledge.
Upon asking her mother about it, she at first responded that I should just ignore them. After raising concerns about my daughter's online activities, she confessed that she had in fact opened the account herself for her own purposes. As my last name is XXXXX XXXXX her last name (not was it ever; her maiden name was also part of her legal last name) is it legal for her to do this? She has since changed it to the last initial only, but pointed out that she didn't actually have to as I don't have exclusive claim to my last name as there are many people with that name. Is it merely bad judgement and inappropriateness, or could she, or anyone, use my last name in this way? Thanks.
Thank you for your question. Please permit me to assist you with your concerns.

That is a very good question. Was she pretending to be someone else? Was her name formaly changed at the divorce (did she revert back to her name)? I am trying to understand what damages, if any, you can claim you suffered based on her action, thank you!
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Actually, I'm not sure if it was changed back. I would need to refer back to the MSA to confirm it was, but she still uses the same name in all her correspondence, forename, maiden name, my surname. I'm not asking so much for the purpose of claiming damages. To me this is just another example of the bullying I endured throughout the marriage and am wondering if she overstepped her bounds in this case. Like I said, she backed off before I actually brought the issue here (but claiming at the same time she didn't have to), but I'm still curious about it. Thanks.

Thank you for your follow-up, David. I do appreciate the clarification.

To answer directly, there is no law that requires individuals to use their own real names online. The fact she decided to use a par of your name is XXXXX XXXXX a violation or crime. It may become a violation or crime if she puts herself forth as you and attempts to get access into your personal accounts, or if she, by virtue of this account, attempts to ruin your reputation online. But otherwise it is not a violation, especially if she is still known under that name. The reason she may have backed off could be because she was planing on doing something improper with this name, but otherwise it is not an inherent or direct violation here, at least not based on the terms you have provided.

Hope that helps.

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