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A lending company gave out my wife and my finacial information

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A lending company gave out my wife and my finacial information including social security numbers, driver's liscense and anual incomes without our authorazation. What if any recourse do I have.

Thank you for your question.

Can you tell me more detail about your situation. For instance, can you explain who the company gave your information too, and for what purpose (i.e., was it connected with the loan application process)?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

My mother in law went into an assisted living center and does not have the income to cover the full monthly amount. She does qualify for VA assistance and we have applied but, it can take up to one year for it to kick in but, at that point will retro back. The center has a lending company that will pay the shortfall and then be reimburshed when the assistance comes through charging interest. My brother in law was handling this but, turns out he is not very credit worthy so my wife and I had to be added to the application. They emailed all the loan information including our information to my brother in law who honestly can not be trusted, has had some not so good history. At no time did we authorize this to occur. I in fact have never spoken to this company until this morning with I called and expressed my concerns.

If you have added your information to an application which your brother in law was on, and then shared that information with your brother in law, then there was implied consent by you to share the information with the other applicants.

If they had shared your information to an third party who was not connected to the application, then this would be a different story. But here, they have simply shared with a co-applicant. In short, the disclosure was not illegal.
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