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I was looking for a work from job on july 2012 and I responded

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I was looking for a work from job on july 2012 and I responded to a "i thought credible" job search engine. I got this decision pack which caused me $9.95 and i was willing to give it a try. After purchasing the pack i received a call congratulating me about my decision to make changes in my life. I asked for the name of the company but the person didnt disclosed it to me. So it was a waiting process with instructions about what to do when i receive the decision pack. I was really enthusiastic and wants to better my life so I am open to opportunities. My upline just disclosed the name of the company after I got so hooked with all the positive information and also together with their higher persons on the call. I thought my life will get better but it got worse. I wanted to earn more so I jumped to become a supervisor and my uplines just ordered the products costing around $4000.00 without even explaining what kinds of products i will receive. When i try to return the products to the company they said I cant return or exchange the items and i should talk to my upline. But talking to them just make me give out more money. I said i didn't know i cant return the items or exchange the items that weren't moving. The customer service said I can return but i will no longer be a distributor. I was doomed because i still got a lot of unmoveable items and the money i have invested were from a credit card. So sad.

Hi, Frances, My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be assisting you. If I have not Answered your question, please let me know and I will be glad to explain further,


I am so sorry to hear about your experience. This was obviously a scam which is designed to defraud honest, hardworking people like you out of their hard earned money. You can get all the help you need to get a full refund by reporting this company to 2 government offices.


1. You must file a formal complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. This is the Federal agency which protects the consumer like you from false and misleading advertising. They have the power to prosecute these companies and force them to return all your money and force them to take back their merchandise. You can file your Complaint online at their official website -


2. You should also file a formal complaint with the California State Attorney General's Office. That Office has the power and the authority to prosecute them also and to revoke their license to do business or sell anything further to any California resident. You can file this Complaint online also at their Official website -



I wish you he best of luck,





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