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I had multiple delinquent reports from sallie mae which were

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I had multiple delinquent reports from sallie mae which were not my fault. I have an automatic payment setup on the very first time I started making monthly payments on SLM. When i called SLM they figured out that the payment was received but wasn't applied on my "sub accounts". I told them that I just pay one account number since the beginning so I don't know about my " sub accounts" which turned out to be internal error. I told the representative that this isn't my fault and I could show and present them proof of my up-to-date monthly payments. I stated that SLM ruined and damaged my credit report and thus affected me because of the delinquency reports. The SLM representative apologized but this happened 3 times, same errors. So my delinquency got worse.

Hi, Frances, My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be assisting you. If I have not Answered your question, please let me know and I will be glad to explain further,


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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Can I do something about the damages SLM had caused me. The redundant delinquency reports affected my credit score and in a way affected my life.

Good morning, Frances, Thank you for your reply, I need a little more information, if you do not mind, so that I may give you a more complete Answer,



1. Just so that I have the entire picture, am I correct in saying that you had several student loans, but in repaying them, you make one payment and they are supposed to allocate the payment among the several loans ?



2. If so, when did you start repaying these loans ?



Thank you,






Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I just have one student loan from Sallie Mae. The first delinquency report was more than a year and a half. I am paying this student loan religiously every month through automatic debit. Then one say I received a call from a collector about delinquency report. I forgot what collector agency. So I called Sallie Mae and asked what was going on. I told the customer service that I am paying my loan every month and I can prove with my bank account. She figured out that I have one major Account number and that is the account number I have been paying Sallie Mae but she stated that the payment wasn't applied to all my account. I didn't get that at first so I explained to the representative that Sallie Mae just give me one account number and I didn't know what was the sub-accounts she was referring to. It turned out that the personnel who was applying my payment forgot to apply to one sub account. The scenario was like, 4 sub-account are current and one sub-account was past due and delinquent. So I got upset and I told the representative that this is not my fault because my payments are up-to-date. She apologized but she said they can't do anything with the delinquency report. She said that it will go away in time. It was the first time and I was still naive at that time and then it happened again with Sallie Mae. Same scenario, one sub-account got delinquent again. So on my credit report I have multiple delinquency reports that were not my fault. I'm sorry if this has been long. I am just getting a fresh frustration emotion on this.


Thank you for your answers.

Good morning, Frances, Thank you for your reply,


Do not worry, your reply is not long, and I understand the frustration you feel. I researched your question and found that not only can you sue Sallie Mae, but many students have already sued them already because of their business practices. You have an excellent case and you should sue them. You have all your account information and the automatic payment set up so that Sallie Mae does not have any grounds to defend against your lawsuit. In fact, there should have been no mistakes because of your automatic payments. You can recover monetary damages from them for ruining your credit and they will be ordered by the Court to pay you as well as contact all the major credit reporting bureaus to correct the misinformation they gave in saying that you were delinquent.


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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you very much Andrea. What will be my first step on SLM. Do I have to contact a lawyer? What if I can't afford a lawyer where can I go?