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I gave my landlord a 60 day notice to move as requested in

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I gave my landlord a 60 day notice to move as requested in the lease, he want to give me 225.00 back of a 950.00 deposit because he had someone clean out the flower bed 15 days before I was due to move his reason was he wanted the house to look nice for new family I still was keeping the yard grooms and now he is charging me for that service. Also he claim his plumbing is now bad because of a faucet in the kitchen that was bad. alo we did a walk through and he claim the housr was dirty I had a video of my move out Lynette
Hi! I will be the professional that will be helping you today. I look forward to providing you with information to help solve your problem.

Good morning. I certainly understand the situation and your concern. You certainly have every right to dispute the deductions and should do so in writing, not cashing the check is the landlord returns the balance, as well. If you want to be absolutely certain to preserve your right to sue the landlord for all amounts you think are owed to you, then you must return the check, tell the landlord how much you think should be returned to you, and if he refuses, sue the landlord for whatever amount you think is owed to you. Of course, you would want to obtain evidence to show that the deductions are wrongful and/or the costs are reasonable. In a situation like this, if the flower bed needing to be cleaned out was a result of your neglect and you were responsible for it, per the lease, then there may be a basis to deduct. As far as the plumbing, he is going to need to show that it was a result of your actions. If there was a bad faucet in the kitchen, which he installed, the problem would be his to deal with. Unless you knew there was a problem and neglected to tell him, I am not sure he has a valid claim for his own actions. If you have a video of the move out, you will want to save it as evidence, to show the condition of the home when you vacated.

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