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Indiana law I have lived with my wife for the last 9 years

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Indiana law I have lived with my wife for the last 9 years married only 5 however I have paid half of the mortage for 9 years all of the furniture is mine all of the tvs washer and dryer vacations, all dinners new air conditioner and gave her son a 5000 car do I have a case?

Welcome and thank you for your question

I am an attorney with more than 25 years of experience and I look forward to providing you true and correct information in this regard.

Please remember, I can only answer what you ask and so if you have follow up questions, please post them here for full and accurate information before rating. If there are no other questions in this regard then I thank you in advance for your positive rating

Anything that was brought into the marriage by each of you from the 4 years of living together is going to be considered marital assets and/or debts and so when dealing with the distribution of the same it will be done according to the Marital Distribution laws

Those laws are that assets are divided equitably - and while this does not always mean equal it is a situation where each of you will present your case as to what you feel you brought into the marriage as separate property and work from there.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

do I have a case or do I just loose everything I do not want the house I would like to be paid back what I have put into it


Yes you have a case - but it will not be an easy battle. If you put money into the home to help maintain it, yes, you are entitled to a portion of it back.
And as I stated it will all be considered in the grand scheme of things
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

She can have the house I have paid her 800 per month for 9 years


Well, that is to be considered in the division of the property.

I suggest you try to come to a settlement with her on these things and if not then try mediation