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I hired a moving company based on the information on their

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I hired a moving company based on the information on their website – when the movers showed up the company out sourced my move to a completely different moving company. The company that showed up has different signage on the doors of the truck and come to find out the level of promised service on the website was light years away from what this 3rd party company provided – everything that went wrong did – the move took much longer than the two hours and I have numerous damage to my personal items – They claim that I signed a document saying the move was satisfactory – I have a copy of the un-signed original document – they also charged above and beyond what the they originally estimated. Is this company allowed to farm out my move to two labors with a truck? I reside in the sate of Georgia
Hi! I will be the professional that will be helping you today. I look forward to providing you with information to help solve your problem.

Good evening. I certainly understand the situation and your concern. Did you obtain the estimate in writing and what was it based upon? Why do they claim you signed a document saying the move was satisfactory yet you have a copy of the unsigned document? Did you file a claim with their insurance company for the damage? In the contract that you signed with them, did it say they are outsource the job to a third party?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The contract says two movers and truck for $199 for the first two hours I live in a studio apartment and no way shape of from would it take two hours as I had sold most of the items prior to the move.

The contract reads "The customer designates the company and movers as their agents to complete the move at the direction of the customer." Nothing stated about outsourcing the job. The company send me via email a copy of the contact the start and end times don't even match the original contract the move started at 1:45 on the copy then sent me 2:00 is written in with and ending time of 3:30 the ending time on the original signed contract is 4:42.

They had me sign a manual credit card form for $289 and yet my card is not even imprinted on this manual form. They have provided no information on how to file a claim against the insurance company for damages - nothing.

Todd, thank you for the additional information. The contract which you signed is going to control. As such, the fee for the first two hours with the movers, should have been $199. If they did not charge you for any travel time, then the hours at which they arrived and finished would control. You need to ask them to provide a breakdown of how they obtained a figure of $289 when they were there according to your calculations less two hours. It is possible that they charged a travel fee, plus gas and other taxes to get the figure of $289 or they just calculated/added on an additional hour and charged you $90 for it. Again, the hourly rate should have been listed since the figure they provided was only an estimate and unless there was an agreed flat rate or price, it is not uncommon for it to take more time then needed. If your personal items were broken, you need to file a complaint with them, since they should have insurance. Tomorrow morning, call them and ask who they are insured by and the process for a claim. The time in which they arrive and finish should be accurate, so it is odd that they made up an hour of time someplace. Moreover, you need to demand they show you a singed document, evidence that you were satisfied. If they fail to cooperate you next step would be to sue them in small claims court for breach of contract and damages, if they failed to perform as agreed. You may also want to see how Visa handles the dispute, since if they can settle, you can avoid having to go through the small claims court process. If you are going to make a demand for damages as well, you should provide them with something in writing, along with pictures, to evidence it.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you - I have attempted to contact them by phone numerous times and my calls go un-answered they have sent a few emails each time from a different person with no resolve. If you could see the actual documents you would be able to see that they are back tracking and filling in times etc. because they completely screwed up...

You are welcome. When the job was finished, you should have received a copy of the documents for your records, evidencing the times, cost and any additional information related to the move. Moreover, if you never signed the documents which they have, their is no evidence to support their claim and you can dispute it, with the copy that you have.
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