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Non profit question concerning a client that was put out of

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Non profit question concerning a client that was put out of program for homeless clients.
The client had broken one of our rules by returning into the homeless program where we have women and children and was intoxicated, cursing and causing a ruckus for others. I told the client that she would have to leave the program immediately because of her behaviour which was totally disruptive and abusive. She did leave the premises. We had the lock changed on the door, so that she could not return. She did come back to the facility a few days later stating that she was still in the program because we did not serve her eviction papers. Is she correct? We did tell her that she could return, but she has made no efforts to come and communicate to us so that she can come back, but she has taken the opportunity to attempt to sleep on our porch during the wee hours of the morning intoxicated and had a male with her that may have been using drugs. What do we do?????? She said that she was going to sue our agency!!!!! Sharon
What do we do?????? Based on the facts presented, not a blessed thing. People should not get too excited about someone saying that they're "going to sue". There's a lot of distance between the threat and doing it. People in that lady's situation are unlikely to find an attorney dumb enough to take her case. Neither will she be able to focus on the subject long enough or find enough money to file suit herself. The facts are all on your side, so I'm inclined to speculate that nothing is going to come of her threats. You don't need to serve her eviction papers. She is not a tenant. Removing her from the program which carries the right to live in the premises is all you needed to do. Good luck. I don't envy you your job, but keep up the good work.
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