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Isnt it possible to apply to the feds for reinstituting your

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Isnt it possible to apply to the feds for reinstituting your civil rights to get around 18USC922? I would like to do this myself!

What was your conviction for? Was it in federal court or state court?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

In 1990 I was caught up in the state criminal justice system on a charge of attempted aggravated kidnapping and languished in county jail for a year and copped a plea of aggravated battery. Did a few months in prison.

I have kept my nose clean since and figure felons have a right to defend themselves too! I want to own these guns legal. So what are my chances of reinstating my 2nd amendment constitutional rights?



Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I am not seeing your reply to my reply to your question.

Did you send me a answer yet?

Thank you for the additional information.

Unfortunately, Wisconsin is one of the more difficult states to restore your firearm rights. To restore your rights under federal and state law, you have to obtain a gubernatorial pardon that specifically restores your right to possess firearms. The current governor of Wisconsin, XXXXX XXXXX, has refused to consider any pardon applications since taking office. This article explains:

Pardons are entirely in the governor's discretion so no one can force him to review any applications. If he lifts the suspension on pardon applications or a new governor is elected you may have better luck pursuing a pardon. But for now, he is simply refusing to review any applications and without a pardon, you can't restore your firearm rights. Sorry I can't give you better news...I know it was not what you were hoping to hear.
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