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I have two questions. I had a sexual relationship online with

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I have two questions. I had a sexual relationship online with someone who said they were 18. The relationship lasted almost 2 years on and off. I am 34. I later found out towards the end of the 2 years they were 16 when I met them. I did expose myself to them on webcam the first time I met them online since they said they were 18. I did not ever see them with their clothes off on webcam or in pictures and I never asked to see them with their clothes off. I did send pictures of myself with my shirt off. I When I found out they were 16 when I met them but now they were 18 I made the bad judgment of continuing the relationship. The relationship centered around me being submissive and paying them money to get permission to do certain things. The payments were sent through paypal. They are now threating me with indecent exposure to a minor. What could I be charged with? I live in Missouri and they live in FL.

The second question is can I charge them with blackmail IF they carry out the threat about exposing me? They are now wanting me to pay them thousands of dollars to keep quiet or they will send the chat logs and pictures to my family members. I don't care about them sending the info to family. I can deal with that. If they decide to send it to neighbors that may or may not report it to the police is what I am worried about.

I don't think he would report the indecent exposure to a minor himself since he is asking for money in return to keep quiet but you never know. I do have all of our emails and chat logs. The chat logs total 370 pages.

There are a variety of charges that could be stretched to encompass this sort of conduct. Some of the more serious charges luckily do not apply here, because federal law prohibits distribution of obscene material to minors under age 16 and Missouri law prohibits it under age 14. However, Florida law prohibits distribution of photographs depicting nudity to minors under 18, and it is a Class C felony. Indecent exposure laws don't really apply here because indecent exposure usually involves it being done in a public place or from private property where another can see it. But there are a variety of different crimes that fall under computer crimes and crimes involving minors that could be applicable to this situation.

With respect to the second part of your crime, it is extortion to demand money from someone in the manner in which you have described. It violates federal law and state law:

It can be reported to the FBI to investigate it federally and to local police to investigate the violation of state law.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

What are the penalties for a Class C felony in Florida? Can you give me a link to the law on the distribution of photographs depicting nudity to minors under 18 for FL?

The law is here:

A third-degree felony is punishable by up to five years in jail and/or a fine.
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