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navy federal credit union would not send me money via western

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navy federal credit union would not send me money via western union even after I answered very private questions ( 4) of where I lived over the last 10 years because I didn't know my visa debit card that I had left at home while traveling. I was stranded in Ohio with out access to my OWN money because I could not answer the question of what my vida debit card number was, that I had already told them that I had left in az. Can I file suit for damages because of their unreasonalbe polices that prevented me from getting cash I needed while on travel?

It is highly unlikely that you have grounds to sue them. When you apply for an account they provide you with account terms and services, which invariably covers them in situations like this. You agree to the terms when you sign up for the account, and you cannot sue them for following terms that you agreed to. Western Union is frequently a vehicle for fraudulent transactions, and the credit union has terms and services that allow them to deny a request in situations like that. Sorry I can't give you better news...I know it was a bad situation for you but they cover themselves pretty well with the terms of service.
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