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If you been order by the court to not contact a person is being

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If you been order by the court to not contact a person is being on there Facebook is that consider as contacting them

TexLawyer :

Good evening. I'll be assisting you with your question.

TexLawyer :

Are you contacting them via facebook, or just looking at their page?

Customer: Actually I have her password XXXXX stuff so I'm on her stuff
TexLawyer :

If you are accessing her Facebook account and actually logging into her account, you are violating other laws, but that would not necessarily be a violation of the no contact order.

Customer: Ok and I talk u before u was telling me to contact dss about my fiancé I'm Va remember
Customer: Because she's 14 and I'm 27
TexLawyer :

OK. You should not access her Facebook using her password. That is a crime.

TexLawyer :

While accessing her Facebook page may not be a violation of the no-contact order, it is a crime.

TexLawyer :

Do you have any questions?

Customer: Oh I didn't know that I never log out before all this stuff happen and I did call dss and I couldn't file a complain and u was right they did investigation and they charge me with carnal knowledge 14 with out force
Customer: So is there away for them to know I'm log in her Facebook I didn't hack her Facebook or nothing and I didn't Chang anything
TexLawyer :

If they wanted to, they could find out from Facebook where her account has been accessed from.

Customer: So it just best just log what can I do about this carnal knowledge charge because they kinda trick me with coming down there having me thinking I'm coming to help her when they said I actually turntable myself in and they didn't read me my rights either but I did sign that her story was true so they saying like most likely I get probation but if I'm convicted then it can go bad for me
TexLawyer :

I can't really address your criminal issue in this question (you will have to post a question in the criminal law category), but I can address the no-contact issue. Yes, it is best to just log out and not look at her Facebook page anymore. But, what you've done is not a violation of the no-contact order.

Customer: Ok thanks
TexLawyer :

Glad to help.

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