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if a couple goes in to lease a car and one has a good paying

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if a couple goes in to lease a car and one has a good paying job with bad credit and the other has good credit and no job and a paystub was altered, what would happen if a car dealer ship found out about a altered paystub for a lease?

Thank you for your question. Please permit me assist you with your concerns.

There are quite a few potential issues that can take place here. Altering a pay stub to make it appear better than it really is would be considered fraud, and could permit the dealer to pursue criminal charges (and civil claims) against the parties. It will also permit the dealer to deny the transaction on basis of fraud and bad faith, take the vehicle back, and sue the parties directly for any losses or injury the dealer incured from the fraudulent document. The parties to this transaction will end up being at risk of being criminally charged and convicted, be forced to pay restitution and possibly have jail time as well, and be civilly sued for damages stemming from this event.

Good luck.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

What if they didn't really know that this would be a serious offense and were able to pay for the loan. would they really press charges?


Thank you for your follow-up. Ignorance of the offense is no excuse or justification in this situation. The victim in this case, meaning the dealer, has the discretion toward pressing charges or not. I cannot tell you if they will, most would not as it can turn into an expensive process both time and money wise, but they absolutely can do so. A suggestion here may be that if they are demanding damages, the other party can agree to pay them in exchange for a signed agreement under which the dealer waives to pursue all criminal and further civil claims against the parties in exchanges for the payment toward their losses.

Good luck.

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