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I resigned from a job as a pilot in the UAE in Feb 2011 and

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I resigned from a job as a pilot in the UAE in Feb 2011 and the UAE company, the Dubai freezone, did not except my resignation and I subsequently left the country. They have refused to settle with me and insist on filing civil and criminal lawsuit against me. I have been told if I ever visit the UAE again, I will be arrested and put in jail. Is this true or not? What are my options to settle this and not have this threat against me?

I am sorry but this is true.

Parties in a civil case in the UAE are not allowed to leave the country until the case is over, which can take years,

People there can be jailed for not responding to a civil case, so the threat is credible.

You can get a consultation from some of the employment lawyers in Dubai listed at

Hopefully an attorney in Dubai can represent you and get this resolved without you risking arrest if you enter Dubai before it is resolved. This type of dispute usually goes to the Ministry of Labour, so I am not sure if there was a legal basis to file a lawsuit against you rather than to have filed a complaint with the MOL under Article 155[4] of the Labour Law.
states, regarding the Labour Law:
"The Law is federal and is therefore applicable to all the emirates of the federation. It is enforced by the Ministry. Labour related litigation is adjudicated by the federal and local courts of the UAE, however, all disputes relating to labour matters must first
be referred to the Ministry. If either of the parties involved (employer or employee) is unhappy with the Ministry’s decision and the matter cannot be settled amicably, the dispute may then be referred by the Ministry to court, within two weeks from
the date in which the complaint was filed, after which either party may revert to the court directly."

Please consult an attorney in Dubai to get this resolved.

I hope this information is helpful.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Many thanks for your prompt response and your answer makes sense to me. As I have a new position here again in the Middle East, my new employment is now at risk as I have to travel to Dubai for a training course and of course I see I will be put in jail upon arrival. I used my US passport for my employment there in 2011, but have another passport from a European country which I have thought of using. Is this possible and not be detained? How long does the suit or complaint is on file with immigration? Is there any way of checking if I am on the immigration system to be flagged and detained upon arrival?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes, I need to know if I go to Dubai on another country passport oher than the one that I was employed under and had my residence visa in, can I still be flagged by immigration to be detained and put in jail??

Thank you for accepting my answer.

I am not able to answer your new question without speculating and that is not helpful.

Please call one of the lawyers in Dubai to try to get this settled. Using a different passport does not guarantee that you will not be arrested upon arrival.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Dear N Cal Attorney:


Many thanks for your response and you have confirmed what I thought already and thanks for the input. I will consult with an Attorney again and see, if anything, can be resolved.


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