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My question is what papers can I file against this judge? What

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My question is what papers can I file against this judge?

What recourse action is available when a judge goes against positive prof?

The Workers Compensation judge has documentation from three doctors stating me at 100% disability (all document dated May, June and July 2013). The judge order I do a job search now or loose benefits and wants me back in court in 29 days I am able to write a minimum of no longer than 2 minutes at a time without dropping my pin in pain.

I am going to do what the judge asked BUT with the job search papers I want to file papers against the judge when he see the job search see what I filed against him.

My question is what papers can I file against this judge?

I can not chat, so someone would have to call or email me.

Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the information you are seeking.

Unless you can prove with evidence an actual bias by the judge and him going against the laws (not just not recognizing your evidence, which is a determination of fact) which would be ground for you to file a complaint to the Judiciary Oversight Committee, your real recourse is the court appeals process.

Whenever someone is before a court and feels the judge has not properly considered their evidence, the recourse that person has is not a complaint against the judge is filing an appeal to the higher court, because judges are immune from such complaints as determinations of fact are solely within the power and discretion of the judge hearing the case. Thus, your real recourse here legally if you do not believe the judge properly considered your evidence and proof is filing an appeal to the next higher court to have another judge review the matter and determine if your judge was in error by committing an error of law or procedure and that higher court judge can overturn the lower judge's decision and order.

As an aside, it is very imprudent to fire an attorney in a case like this unless you have another attorney who is going to step in and take over your case. These cases that are handled pro se have a much lower chance of success than when the person is represented by an attorney and that is just an observation from personal experience.

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