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I had vascular surgery done to my left leg and I paid the hospital

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I had vascular surgery done to my left leg and I paid the hospital a co-pay and the bill was paid for by my insurance company. One week later the doctor who performed the vascular surgery had me admitted me to the same hospital to have my big toe and the toe next to it cut off due to poor circulation.
Three (3) months later I received a bill from the hospital demanding that I pay for the hospital stay. I called my insurance company and asked why I still owed the hospital. The Insurance company said to desregard the request as the bill had been paid. To make a long story short I kept receiving a bill from the hospital and I continued complaining to my insurance company and they kept saying to disregard the bill as it had been paid by them.
Finally I received a letter from a collection agency demanding that I pay the balance due the hospital. I called the insurance company and step by step I covered all the procedures done and explained a collection agency was trying to collect from me. Finally the insurance company after consultation with the hospital told me the hospital had incorrectly submitted the final bill. Upon discovery of this new evidence the Insurance Company paid the hospital and I was told by the insurance Company that all I had to pay was a co-pay. I sent a check (Stating balance paid In Full) to cover trhe co-pay and it cleared the bank. As far as I was concerned the matter was settled. I have not received any more statement from the hospital.
Now I received a letter today from an Attorney demanding that I pay the bill in full to the collection ageny who had been trying to collect the amount owed to the hospital. I have 30 days in which to respond according to the attorney consumer Notice Pursant to 15 U.S.C. Section 1692 (g).
WHAT IS MY NEXT STEP AND HOW SHOULD THIS BE HANDLE. Do I have grounds to file suit to be left alone and damages and what kind of attorney should should I seek?
Hello, and thank you for contacting Just Answer. I am an expert here and I look forward to assisting you today.

I need you to be a little more specific in your question(s) if you could. When we answer general ones like "how should I handle this" we have to give general answers and, invariably, the customer responds with "I already knew that". This type of forum works better if you ask specific questions so we know exactly what you are looking for.

As to your next question, "Do I have grounds to file suit to be left alone and damages and what kind of attorney should should I seek?"

Assuming that the bill has now been paid in full then you can sue and seek an injunction against them contacting you as well as statutory damages and attorney's fees but you need to be aware that most attorneys are going to require that you pay their fee up front and then seek to recover those amounts in the lawsuit. You would want an attorney that does Civil Litigation aka Civil Trial Law or Consumer Law.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for the answers. All I want is to dispose of this matter as I am tired of of this constant problem caused by this collection agency. calls from 7, 8, 10,AM ,1, 3 5,7,9, PM

I understand and they can be annoying. I wish you the best on this!

Until you get the lawyer hired you can send them a letter by certified mail, return receipt requested, with the following language and they are supposed to stop calling:

“Please be advised that I dispute the validity of this debt. Pursuant to the state and federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act(s) I hereby instruct you to cease all communications with me regarding the alleged debt. Any further attempt by you to contact me will be construed as an intentional violation of the law.”
Dwayne B. and other Legal Specialists are ready to help you
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