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paulMJD - just a curiosity question this time. grand seems

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paulMJD - just a curiosity question this time. grand seems to think this is no big deal and I am trying to convince her that she needs to pay attention. her friend just got big settlement for accident she was in at 16. she bought brand new car - drove for 2 weeks NO INSURANCE - speed through stop sign doing 60 in a 40mph. t boned another car and wiped out 7 parked. 3 days before they could operate on her because system overloaded with coke. I am trying to tell her what the penalty for this type
Thank you for your question I look forward to working with you to provide you the information you are seeking again.

You are correct of course. This is not just speeding and not having a license, it is also DUI and that is also another license suspension and a misdemeanor record. Furthermore it would open her up to liability for negligent or vehicular injury or homicide if the people in the other car died.

I do not know how your grand could think it is no big deal considering negligent/vehicular injury could land you in jail for up to 5 years and DUI is a misdemeanor that while it will not land her in jail can cause her license to be suspended beyond the 4 years.

This is all on top of the civil suit for damages which if she does not pay the CA DMV will place a lien on her license and registration which would prevent her from registering any car or getting a license until the lien is paid off.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Is it legal for a car dealership to let a person drive off the lot with no insurance? I know if financed they are required to by the finance co. But she paid cash.
Also - the FASD my grand deals with makes her judgment and choices not the best. She is so beautiful and she is bright but she has all the emotional failures that FAS brings with it. It is so hard to teach her logical or good choices and consequences. I try to firmly plant all living issues on her. Like how important it is to have uninsured motorist even if you only carry liability. Hopefully if I spell out all of what you said she will look at it more seriously. I have to repeat myself several times before it starts sinking in.

Thank you for your response.

There is no law placing the duty on the car dealer to check insurance, the only reason they do so is, as you said, when financing is involved.

Unfortunately, FAS does cause problems that just cannot be changed and one is good judgment and as you said, all you can do is keep telling her over and over.
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