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Are any laws been broken in the state of Virginia by me being

Customer Question

Are any laws been broken in the state of Virginia by me being engaged to a 14 yr old by me being 27yr old even if we are not planning to get marry until she 18 if there are any laws been broken what should I do because I'm trying to sign for her to be release from holding because her dad is calling a runway but she doesn't want go with him because abused her and she's scared for her life so the sheriff department told her that if I get her mother consent I can Signed for her but her mom has no legal rights her dad has custody
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Chris T., JD replied 4 years ago.

TexLawyer :

Good morning. I'll be assisting you with your question.

TexLawyer :

The act of being engaged is not in and of itself illegal.

TexLawyer :

However, if you are engaged in any sort of sexual activity with her, you could go to jail.

TexLawyer :

If the father has no parental rights, he can't consent to you having custody of her. Only a parent with parental rights can do that.

TexLawyer :

The same goes for the mother. If she does not have parental rights, she cannot consent to giving you custody.

JACUSTOMER-a3xxqtwe- : No I'm not but I can't get into any trouble by signing for her to be release can I and father do have rights but he abuses her so she don't want to be release into his custody and she has nobody else but me
JACUSTOMER-a3xxqtwe- : So what can I do
TexLawyer :

You don't have the authority to sign for her release. Being engaged does not give you any parental rights.

TexLawyer :

The only thing you can do is try to have the father's parental rights terminated.

JACUSTOMER-a3xxqtwe- : Ok I understand but they was like she can be release to a family member or to her fiancé with the consent of her mother
TexLawyer :

Once you do that, you can apply to be the child's foster parent. However, I have to tell you that very few judges would give custody of a 14 year old to a 27 year old who claims to be engaged to her.

JACUSTOMER-a3xxqtwe- : She can't stay at holding for much longer is there anything I can do
TexLawyer :

Her mother does not have the authority to consent for her since she doesn't have any parental rights.

JACUSTOMER-a3xxqtwe- : Well I don't want rights to her I'm just trying to get hat somewhere safe
TexLawyer :

If the father still has parental rights, she will have to go to him until those rights are terminated. If he is abusive toward her, a court could terminate his rights and she would go into foster care.

JACUSTOMER-a3xxqtwe- : Is there anything I can do for her I can anybody help only way she hasn't left because she threaten to do something to her self
JACUSTOMER-a3xxqtwe- : So she has no other choice but to go with him
TexLawyer :

If she is threatening to harm herself, you should call the police and they can take her into psychiatric custody.

TexLawyer :

The choice is to report him Virginia CPS, who will investigate and decide whether or not to terminate his parental rights.

JACUSTOMER-a3xxqtwe- : But until then she has to go back to him there no way around she really scared for her life
TexLawyer :

CPS can take emergency actions. They don't have to complete an investigation before they remove a child.

TexLawyer :

They can remove her while the investigation is still pending.

JACUSTOMER-a3xxqtwe- : So the sheriffs wouldn't let her come with me even though they saying they would does it sound like a set up
TexLawyer :

I don't think it is a set up. If they will let her, you can do it, but if the father challenges it and still has parental rights, you should expect to lose.

JACUSTOMER-a3xxqtwe- : Ok thank u and if thy cant probe there were any sexual acts was going on then I'm ok but if they can even though I'm not under investigation and they do find out I'm going to jail
TexLawyer :

They can always probe if there are sexual acts going on. In fact, if you tell them that you are engaged to a 14 year old, you should expect them to investigate that.

TexLawyer :

If you haven't done anything with her, so be it, but you are leaving yourself wide open.

JACUSTOMER-a3xxqtwe- : Ok so basically if I was I would have to get rid of any sexual conversations
TexLawyer :

Yes. You should do that even if she isn't living with you.

JACUSTOMER-a3xxqtwe- : So I should just stay out of it and call cps
TexLawyer :

That is what I would suggest you do.

TexLawyer :

You are running a very high risk of going to jail and being required to register as a sex offender if they believe you are having sexual relations with her, which would not be an abnormal assumption if you are engaged.

TexLawyer :

Just call CPS and let them deal with it. You should not put yourself at that kind of risk. You can contact CPS here:

JACUSTOMER-a3xxqtwe- : Ok thank you
TexLawyer :

If there isn't anything else I can do for you, please remember to "rate" my answer before you go.

JACUSTOMER-a3xxqtwe- : That will be all
TexLawyer :


TexLawyer :

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TexLawyer :

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TexLawyer :

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JACUSTOMER-a3xxqtwe- : Well things have changed now
TexLawyer :

How so?