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I signed up for verizon dsl and in the course of having the

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I signed up for verizon dsl and in the course of having the tech install it, my computer screen was broken. The tech's story was that the modem fell and drug my laptop down with it. The modem is very light and laptop is quite heavy. After the tech left, I set the modem and laptop the way I had them when I left the room. I knocked the modem on to the floor to see if the laptop would fall. It didn't! I even let the modem hang from the laptop, swinging back and forth. The laws of physics did not support the tech's story, so I filed a claim with verizon. After my initial conversations, I sent video footage and pictures to support my claim that the laptop was too heavy to be moved by a falling modem. I was ignored by the claims department for weeks before I was offered half of the repair bill, with the explanation that it was my word against his, and they would only pay half of my repair bill. How can it be my word against his word when I sent evidence to support my claim, and should I proceed further? My laptop was only 3 months old at the time and I had to go weeks without a computer while I waited for the repair.
Hello nmoods71,

If you are unwilling to accept Verizon's offer to pay half the bill, your next option is consider bringing a small claims lawsuit against Verizon to pay for the full repair bill. If you have exhausted all your possibilities within Verizon, then you would have to bring a small claims lawsuit. In Virginia the small claims court limit is $5,000. That is the most you can recover. And in a small claims lawsuit, it would be your word against the technician's word as to how the laptop was broken. But the court would also consider the fact that the laptop was in the technician's possession (and no one else's), and you would be able to demonstrate that the modem was too light to drag the laptop. If you do consider small claims, save all repair bills as you will need to submit this to prove the amount of your damages.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you. One more question. Verizon's claims are handles through their insurance and it was the insurance claims adjuster who denied my claim. Do I sure Verizon directly or the insurance company?

You would sue Verizon directly.


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