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My daughter has been accepted to a private college in FL in

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My daughter has been accepted to a private college in FL in the fall. Her outstanding balance per year will be around $20,000 or so after scholarships, which require residency and I continue to live here with my children so she could graduate and can qualify while my husband went to work in another state. I suggested she ask her father (my ex) to apply for a PLUS loan for half while my husband and I apply for the other half. It only seemed fair, considering he has no other children but her and likes to impress her with his frivolous use of money. Instead, he convinced her to resubmit the FAFSA with his info so she will qualify for federal funds, even though she resides with me, always has, and does not qualify for anything with our income. They both signed the form electronically. Is this considered a federal crime, fraud? He has not lived in this state in four years, but he claims residency here and gets a homeowner's exemption. Family court records show he lives and works in KY (he's had me in court dozens of times with false accusations, emergency custody hearings, etc.). He works under the table for his brother so he can get reduced child support, and even received unemployment benefits from a FL layoff but applied for a credit card stating he made $100K working for the brother for the previous year (subpoenaed info never used in court). He never gets caught! How can I protect my child? She is 17, and I'm afraid she will end up in prison by following his lead. I don't know who to call or what to do to stop this. I'm thinking about telling her that she's moving with me and going to community college in the spring, end of story. Help!

William B. Esq. :

Dear Customer, thank you for choosing Just Answer. Your daughter is still a minor (17) and the documents she has signed, while legally enforceable if she is an adult, are not of the same consequence while she is a minor. Her father, however, is an adult and has signed false documents that do carry penalties in the event the Dept. of Ed. or some other lender decides to act on the information.

While I cannot advise you specifically as to how to proceed (I cannot give specific legal advice), in general, if you find that you have made an error (meaning if your daughter discovers she has signed a document with the improper information for herself on it), you can file an amended FAFSA correcting that data.


I had filed the FAFSA before a few months ago, and they amended it a few weeks ago. Her documents came in the mail yesterday that she qualified for full payment (except around $1K for meal plan, other expenses). I didn't believe the school would take it this far, either, considering they know full well that she resides with me. I'm not sure what he's told them, but I'm sure he lied to them as well. I suppose I'm hoping he can finally get penalized for one of the crimes he's committed, but I don't want my daughter to have to, nor do I want her to grow up to be like him. I appreciate your time. Thank you.

William B. Esq. :

You are welcome, I do wish you (and especially your daughter) the very best. You can amend a FAFSA multiple times, if your daughter wishes to file a second amendment, she can do so, but I would recommend speaking with a financial aid or college admissions adviser to assist in this instance - your daughter's High School should have one available, if not try your local community college, they will assist you with the FAFSA).


Excellent. I will do that. Thank you. Have a blessed day!

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