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Dear XXXXX, How are you? Why worst fear came true today.

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Dear XXXXX, How are you? Why worst fear came true today. I was able to access her IRA account and get the $4,560.00 for the nursing home for one month; however, the crazy attorney for this credit union called me today and told me that I need to get a guardianship for my mother so I could be the guardian. The attorney that did the P.O.A. for my mother made sure that there was language in there to cover my being the Guardian. In the P.O.A., it reads "One of the purposes of this document is to avoid the need for a guardianship in the event of my diability or incapacity and this document should be broadly contrued to accomplish that purpose. In the event a proceeding is initiated to appoint a guardian of my estate, I nominate my daughter, Debra Lynn Joe to serve as guardian". How could this attorney force me to go hire another attorney and have to go to court to get another guardianship for my mother? This is crazy. What do you think about this? Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX

Hi, again, and Welcome back,


You should not have to incur legal fees because the attorney for the credit union is a certified moron. He obviously does not know anything about Powers of Attorney and the significance of a Durable Power of Attorney. The Attorney who prepared the Power of Attorney did it correctly so that it would not be necessary to incur additional legal fees down the road.


If there is anyone at the Credit Union who has more authority than him, then go over his head. Tell this certified moron that you will file a lawsuit against the Credit Union and him personally and you will ask for punitive damages because he is acting intentionally, in bad faith, and maliciously interfering with your right to protect your mother's interests.


You could probably get forms from the Court to sue the credit union so that you will not have to incur legal fees when suing them. Please do not feel scared or intimidated by this lawyer because he really does not have a clue and you should make sure that his superiors know that he does not have a clue as to what he is doing!!!





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