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the lawyer has written an affirmation and charged for an hour

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the lawyer has written an affirmation and charged for an hour at a rate of $450, totaling $450. Then however he billed for 2 hours at the same rate totaling $900.00 for "transmitting the affirmation". As he explained he does not have enough secretarial help, so he had to "collate, put tabs on, put in blue bags, and mail the affirmation to the client and to the defendant". he charged the client $900.00 just for that, IN addition to disbursment - something a secretary could have done in half an hour. This seems grossly unreasonable, opportunistic, and abusive. Did he have a right to do that?
thank you.

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I am sorry to hear of your experience with this lawyer. Unfortunately, it is lawyer's like this one who ruin the reputation of hardworking lawyers everywhere.


The lawyer cannot charge his hourly rate if he is not rendering legal services and is merely doing clerical work. It is not the client's fault that the lawyer does not have enough secretarial help. If he is charging $450 per hour he can certainly afford to hire more secretarial and clerical help. You are very right that this is extremely unreasonable and abusive. Tell the Attorney that you refuse to pay him $450 per hour for clerical work and if he demands payment, then tell him that he leaves you no alternative but to report him to the New York State Attorney Disciplinary Board.





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