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my granddaughter gina will be 18 dec 6. she just finished

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my granddaughter gina will be 18 dec 6. she just finished her junior year she has severe asthma and the second semester she missed lot of school she had the flu and pneaumonia twice and then she tarted having asthma attacks nearly day the school sent her to yhe truancy officer and he has set a court date for aug her dr told her to stay away from all the stress of trying to catch up so she asked to take the ged test but they refused to let her her mother gave her away when she was 9 because she was into drugs and now has hepatitas she told her she was dying and wanted her to come back with her until she died that was two years ago gina hasn't seen her mother in over a month she has been staying with me and her father what will they do to her at court her mother told her she would be locked up until she finished school i have signed her up for online school but havn't signed the papers yet the school has her mother as her guardian but when she found out she might get fined she pulled my son and stepmother in the only legal custody paper as when she gave her away i tyeped out a paper and her her sign it and notorized giving me and my son custody he gets a ss check for her each month she only needs a few credits to graduate the penn foster school said she could probably finish in 4 months she wants to finish and when she turns 18 in a few months she won't have to go to school another 6 months for half a day her and her mother can't get along and it is just so much stress

Hi, My name is XXXXX XXXXX my goal is to provide you with Excellent Service



1. I am sorry, but could you please clarify how her father got custody of her and the date on which he got custody ?



2. Please also clarify when she started living with her mother again ?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

her mother got into drugs and called us up and said come and get this kid when she was 9 years old she had told him she didn't know who her father was so her name is XXXXX XXXXX the birth cirtifacate so he went to ss because he is disabled and anyway se gets a check for her about 2 years ago she found out about the check and wanted her to come live with her because she only had about 6 months to live and they did nothing but fight gina went to her dads last year when school was out and didn't go back until after christmas she made the honor roll they were still giving half her check to her mother that is all she wanted but she went back and that's when she stared having these severe asthma attacks

Good morning, Betty, Thank you for your additional information, I am also very sorry to hear what your granddaughter's mother is telling your granddaughter - "that she will be locked up until she finishes school, etc." It seems to me that she is an exceptionally malicious person to say things like that to her daughter, knowing that they are not true. That is no way to build her child's self-esteem and self-confidence.


You asked,


"...what will they do to her at court.......... "





That is not really a fair question because the only statement you made was that they took your granddaughter to the truancy officer for excessive absences and that the truancy officer set up this "court" date


They had no right to bring your granddaughter before the truancy officer, nor do they have a right to have her appear in their "truancy court" because she was not missing school because she "just did not feel like going", she was ill with asthma attacks, stress, flu and pneumonia. Moreover, she was under her doctor's care. So, it is very puzzling to me why they would bring a student who made the Honor Roll last year and who was presently under her doctor's care, up before the truancy officer.


What you need to do first is to have your granddaughter's mother sign over Guardianship to you so that you do not give the school any excuse to tell you that you have no standing to speak for, or on behalf of your granddaughter. Second, in order to properly prepare, you must have your granddaughter's physician prepare a medical report listing your granddaughter's illnesses and briefly describing the symptoms and his recommendations. You should also ask the physician to make copies of your granddaughter's medical file together with the notes he took each time he treated her for an illness and had recommended that she stay out of school. Take these with you to truancy court. Actually, if you could get her physician to come with you on that day to explain to whoever is "holding Court" exactly what the ailments are, his treatment, his prognosis, and his recommendations. It would be even better if you had an Attorney accompany that day because they would not be able to do whatever they pleased and make up rules as they went along. The Attorney would keep them in check and would protect your granddaughter's rights and he would also be able to speak on her behalf and have her sign up for her GED or for the online classes which you suggested. This is one situation where an Attorney would make a big difference in the outcome,




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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

thank you the compulsory age is 5-17 which i take to mean the year she turned 17 and finished that year which she did her mother has made everyone mad she thinks as long as she is in school she will get a check which i think stops at 18 which doesn't matter because she is not going to get it because gina is not living with her and hermother hasn't even called her i don't know what is true anymore but gina went before the truent officer and he was very rude to her he said he could put her in juvinile detention and then she would be close to the dr i think when she turns 18 she should be able to make her own decisions she hasn't had but 1 attack since she left her mother she is a psyhco and gina has never forgiven her for giving her away

Hi, Betty, Thank you for your comments.


I see the type of person that the truant officer is. He is an overgrown monitor in a uniform who gets a kick out of intimidating and threatening young students. Please, Betty for the sake of your granddaughter, please bring an Attorney with you. He will keep the truant officer in check and he would not dare make those threats to lock your granddaughter in a juvenile detention center if an Attorney was there because he knows how much trouble he would be in if he made these threats in front of someone who could mot be intimidated and someone who would report him,





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