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I was stopped in Southaven, Ms because they said mt tag was

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I was stopped in Southaven, Ms because they said mt tag was not displayed correctly. I had a dolphin thing around it, the date of expiration may have been covered. i had a suspended license because of an unpaid ticket. I was arrested and while on the way to jail, my car was searched. is this legal?

Officers are allowed to search your vehicle without a warrant incident to a lawful arrest that occurs of an occupant in the vehicle, although generally this expires once the occupant is removed from the vehicle unless officers have probable cause to believe there is some sort of illegal contraband in the car. Officers are also permitted to conduct inventory searches of vehicles that are about to be towed. They are done as a matter of procedure, mostly to prevent against future claims for lost or damage property in a towed vehicle. So if your car was towed, the search was likely valid, as the Supreme Court ruled long ago that inventory searches of vehicles without a warrant are legal (the case is South Dakota v. Opperman, if you are interested in reading it).
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

So, if the arrest you for something and tow your car, it is free game? bull Crap

I understand your frustration, but unfortunately the Supreme Court is the final word on the subject and they have ruled that such searches are legal under the Fourth Amendment. This article summarizes the decision:

The only way the law would change is if the Supreme Court itself changed its position. Sorry I can't give you better news, but the law is what it is and I can't change that.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Ok, thanks. They have a good racket going over there. Legalized stealing. Over 800.00 dollars for doing nothing more than a suspened license