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Lucy, Esq.
Lucy, Esq., Attorney
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For Lucy Hello Lucy: First, it appears there was some

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For Lucy

Hello Lucy:

First, it appears there was some foul up with regard to you getting credit for at least one of the three recent questions I asked you. I will be calling Customer Service tomorrow to make sure you are properly credited.

I will be submitting a motion tomorrow and need to attach an exhibit. It regards XXXXX XXXXX Settlement Agreement sent to me by wife's lawyer. On page 4 of a 10 page document, there is a footnote indicating there was a break-in at the marital residence and "some of the items in the marital residence at time of separation, may no longer be in the marital residence because they were stolen during the break-in."

My question is: Since the Motion is for me to go to the home and inventory the property because of this supposed break-in, should I attach the entire 10 page agreement, or could I get by with only the cover letter and the page where the footnote referencing the possible missing items is located. Nothing on the other pages of the document is relevant in any way to the "break-in. It is mentioned only in the footnote on the single page.

Thank you again, and by the way, I gave you an excellent review when asked to do so by Just Answer.
I will let Lucy know that your question is waiting for her. She will see it once she has checked her email. Thanks for your patience.
Good morning,

I'm sorry for the delay. I sat all day yesterday sitting in an airport that didn't have working internet. I didn't get home until late. Thank you for letting me know about the payments.

You should be able to only attach the relevant page, especially if the document is already part of the record. You can just say, "Page X of Document Name, filed on DATE at Docket #."

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The exhibit was not filed as it was not signed and finalized. It was just a proposed Settlement Agreement sent to me by wife's lawyer. Regardless, it seems unnecessary and probably would only irritate the send all pages. Do you feel the fact that it is a document which has not been filed

diminishes it's suitability as an exhibit supporting my reason for the motion?

If the only purpose of presenting the document is to show the judge that they're claiming a break-in, you can still attach only the one page rather than making the judge read 10 pages to find it. If the opposing party really wants to have the judge see the rest, he can submit it. The problem is, if the judge has never seen it before, and the only page attached is from the middle of the document, then the judge won't know what it is. You may have to explain who wrote the document and where you got it.
Lucy, Esq., Attorney
Category: Legal
Satisfied Customers: 29788
Experience: Lawyer
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