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my fiance is in jail and just got certified to community/goverment

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my fiance is in jail and just got certified to community/goverment services what does this mean please help me understand.

Hi, Nanci, and Welcome, Thank you for your question,


When the Court allows an individual to do community service, it takes the place of being incarcerated. Community service can be almost anything. It can include cleaning the highway and the roadways, it can entail picking up trash, cleaning government buildings and the like. The individuals who are given community service meet at a designated spot and then they are taken by van to wherever they are assigned for the day. It is not great work, but it sure beats being in jail. But the individuals who are given community service must complete the number of hours they are given and must be on time each morning for the van to pick them up and take them to their assignments. If they do not comply, they run the risk of being removed from community service and being placed back in jail. I hope I have explained it adequately so that you can understand what is expected from your fiancé. You can be a source of moral support for him during this trying time,


I wish both of you the best of luck,





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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

does this mean he;ll stay in jail or come home

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

does this mean he gets to come home or stay in jail

Hi, Nanci, Thank you for the Excellent Service rating, I appreciate it greatly


In Answer to your follow up question, generally, when someone is put on community service, they go home at night. They no longer have to report back to prison.



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