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My ex lover owes me about $9000 which she borrowed in a brief

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My ex lover owes me about $9000 which she borrowed in a brief 6 month relationship. She recently sent me a letter saying she was filing bankruptcy and that she intended on naming me as a creditor. Do I have any rights? I pulled most of that money off my credit cards. I can't afford to take a loss that big.

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1. In what State does your ex reside ?



2. Does she own anything of value, anything ?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
She lives in Nashville TN. She had an old farm truck, an old Smokey and the Bandit car with no engine and ATV that she keeps at a friends house, she has a house she rents that was in her dead mothers name but she said she lost it (don't know if that's true), she has a mortgage on the house she lives in and rents out the upstairs for $1100 a month. She has jewelry that her mother left her that i believe is valuable because she was going to use it to pay a lawyer but borrowed $2800 from me instead. She has an old comic book collection don't know hos much it's worth. That's all i can think of. She works at the VA hospital and makes $67000 a year I don't know how she is able to file bankrupty. She has alot of medical bills which i believe is why she is filing.

Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX all your additional information,


The reason I asked if she has anything at all of value is because, while it is true that if she files a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and lists you as a creditor, she can have your debt discharged in bankruptcy, but if you move fast and sue her, get a judgment against her, then levy on any property she has and ask the Sheriff to sell it at Sheriff's sale, you might be able to get most of your money back.


If she is earning $67,000 per year, she probably would have a really difficult time filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and the Bankruptcy Court might not allow her to and give her a choice - either dismiss her Petition in Bankruptcy, or convert it to a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy where all creditors get paid over a period of time according to a Schedule prepared for her by the Trustee in Bankruptcy. She is expected to make monthly payments to all her creditors pursuant to the Schedule prepared for her by the Trustee in Bankruptcy and to which she must absolutely adhere to because if she does not, the Trustee will have the Bankruptcy Judge dismiss even her Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Petition,





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