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andrea i hate to keep bothering u, but can she have me evicted

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andrea i hate to keep bothering u, but can she have me evicted on the 45th day?
Hi, again, Please tell me again what it is the Grantor's Attorney wrote, just so I do not have to go through all the past questions to find that phrase, Okay ?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

they gave me 45 days for cancellation of the Bond For Deed, they demanded lump sum payment, which u know i paid, and i have also sent out 3 additional payments that have been returned to me by the post office refused by grantor. I wrote a lette to her attorney and let her knowabout the refusal of payments and the oveages as well.I just want to know whats happens after the 45 days, will the sheriff come and evict me? or what? will there be a court date so i can show the judge all my proof, before I'm thrown on the streets? can they just make me get off the land in 45 days??

Thank you, Cheri, That saves me a lot of time going through all the questions. You are not bothering me at all, but it is not going to do you any good if I tell you what steps you need to take, but you do not take those steps.


The Grantor's Attorney is giving you 45 days to come up with the lump sum payment that he only THINKS you owe, but you do not owe them anything. In addition, the Attorney had no right to refuse your payments because you are not in default. You MUST do something to make it clear to that Attorney that you are NOT in default and that you are NOT behind in any payments, and that you will NOT stand for his intimidation tactics any more. That is why I suggested that you consult with an Attorney and have him draft and send a letter to the Grantor and the Grantor's Attorney. I do not think that the Attorney would charge you more than maybe $180 to $200 and it will certainly give you peace of mind not to have that Attorney hounding you and telling you that you are in default when in reality, you are NOT in default.


By his actions, it appears to me that the Grantor has changed her mind about selling the property and she and her Attorney are doing everything possible to make you believe that you are in default. You really should go to an Attorney so that the Attorney can draft and send a letter to the Grantor's Attorney putting him in his place, otherwise the Grantor and the attorney are going to make a big mess of everything and it will cost you a lot more to staighten everything out. Please understand that I want to help you, and I would do the letter for you, but I cannot do it for the twelve dollars and fifty cents that is placed as the value of your question. It would take at least one hour to think about what I would write, then put my thoughts down on paper, but I hope you can understand that it would be impossible to do it for that price and it takes a lot more time than Answering a question. And, taking into account the amount of time it would take and the savings you would have by not having to pay a private Attorney $180 to $200. But JustAnswer does not permit us to negotiate any prices with customers and it is left up to the customer to offer an amount which would be acceptable to the expert. That is entirely up to you, but whatever you do, you must have a letter sent to the Grantor and the Attorney which outlines step by step the amounts you paid, how much extra you paid on behalf of the Grantor, and to tell the Attorney and the Grantor in no uncertain terms that you have consulted with an Attorney and you will not put up with their threats any more, nor will you allow them to intimidate you and throw you off the property for which you have been paying all this time. That is absolutely imperative, otherwise who knows what they are capable of doing,




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