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How can a judge get away with just doing that own thing when

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How can a judge get away with just doing that own thing when one lies all the way and the one telling the real proof gets screwed and u are forced to just take this crap? This is not justice and we should have way more insanity pleas if they can do this to innocent people. I might loose my mind yet if this is our court system. This is sick a d can drive one over the edge when being punished and u did no wrong. I can not live with this and remain sain. This is not justice and can not be acceptable to innocent people. Would u deal with this if u did no wrong and they came to your place two days in a row and u called the police. This can not be the law??????
Thank you for your question. I look forward to woing with you to provide you the information you are seeking.

Unfortunately, judges believe they are king of their courts and think they can do whatever they would like. However, this really is not the case, even though it may seem so at times. The judges are overseen by the courts of appeals and the state supreme court. This means that whatever a judge does can be reviewed by the court or appeals and supreme court to make sure it conformed with the laws of the state and if the actions of the judge did not conform with the laws of the state then those high courts will reverse the judge.

The only recourse someone has against a judge who does not want to read reports or make correct decisions would be to file their appeals and let the higher judges review his actions and they will take action against him to inervene.

I am afraid that is just how the law and our criminal justice system is set up, you have protection from one bad judge and that is through the appeals system.

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Also remember, sometimes the law does not support what we want it to support, but that is not the fault of the person answering the question, so please be courteous.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
You gave me the best hope of any sanity in the courts but the day of the tro hearing we only could bring in a attorney or someone from women helping women and everyone said u dont need a attorney for this hearing u will for the next one. I never had violence or damaged anything in my adult life. I stayed out of house for a few days to see if things would kool down and we never had any screaming fights in our fours years together. I hang with my clients and make no phone contact but they came to my workshop two days in a row screaming and smashing stuff and first day i just just kept saying oh that's and a store owner witnessed it and my friend that came to pick me up for a island club gathering who is prim and proper( best hawaii business person of 2011) also then git screamed at then left the side of her truck screaming all the way down the street. Day two showed up again and was taunting me and i just kept saying whatever and have proof now of 3 police calls i made during this time and on the 3rd call they sdid donna don't do anything we r on our way so i came back in my shop ssying across the parking lot cops r on there way . They kick me with the door on the way in and i flew across my shop fell on buckets looked up and saw them blocking doorway so i got up and ran to back of my shop where they chased me and ripped off my necklace knocked me down on ladders then pick one up and hit me at least 3 times across my legs where i put my legs in the air to block the blows some and i told the judge i had 3 straight shots to kick there teeth out but i did not want to hurt them still then thru ladder down ran out and headed toward the police station like i did something wrong my legs were instantly black and blue and cut police and i took pictures and bitch judge said i dont believe they beat u with ladders or u called the cops. How is this even a judge and it over 30 days cuz our courts r super slow and have tro violation when they called me and by the way this queen judge was fired 2 months later for 24 courts of gov record changing cuz one lawyer was not scared to show the truth. I never met so many pussy lawyers that did not want to take on a judge when everything is in black and white.. I will die for the nation to know this occurred before i live with this sick ruling!!!!
Thank you for your response.

I do not know why anyone would rationally tell someone they did not need an attorney for a court hearing of this type of matter. Based on your description, you had every right to defend yourself from this attack and I do not know why the judge treated you in this manner. However, you have every right to file for an appeal of the ruling to the higher courts and to have another judge and panel of judges review the ruling for this judge's abuse of discretion in issuing the TRO.

The legal system provides these appeals to protect people from bad rulings by judges, so you need to get an attorney this time and not listen to other people, and use the attorney to pursue your appeal of this ruling.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
This is in the state of hawaii. This put me over the edge so bad i wanted to kill and die and they took me for a evaluation which i totally complied and 100% sober and sign no consent and not only checked the box i wrote across the whole paper in 2 lines no info to anyone including all family. I got a call 2 days later and refused it then went to head desk yelling who broke my consent the doctor took me in private room to calm me down and kept saying i dint know how they know ur here. I said my consent is broken. I walked out and ask them to call that person back. When i got them on the phone i ask how they knew and they said they been talking to that doctor. I hung up demanded my consent form which they gave me and s
Said isn't #1 rule doctor never lies to patient. I was a a1 patient and complied to all and never ever got 5 minutes myself with this doctor but also recovered the phone bills since my company pays the bill and have date time and how long they talked and now want blood from them. We need to make a movie from this it would sale big time. R u a attorney in hawaii or know any tiger ones could if i dont get some help here i am gunna make national news and it will not go over big for these people. I have lawyer i just retain at 5,000 and i dont think hr understands how important this is to me to get them all put to shame for awful wrong doing!!!!! Please give me tour great advise once again. I am begged for truth before i give up and make the .. Xxxxx
Thank you for your response. I am aware it was in Hawaii.

I am quite sure your attorney does indeed realize the importance to you in this matter. Your attorney needs to simply appeal the judgment against you. This takes time and as urgent as it is to you, the courts do not move as fast as clients want them to move, so your attorney cannot really speed things up more than the court process provides for.

As I said, the appeals process is there to protect you and you have to now trust in your attorney to pursue it and sadly by law there is nothing you can do to speed it up any faster, so you have to just get your attorney to do their job and that is the best information anyone can tell you at this point.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
What do u think about this phsyc doctor breaking the no consent. To me it is a equal as rape because no means no and this is a patients right and it was just being spiteful and my counselor said this is the main part of there job and the staff there were just as stunned cuz they never seen such wrong doing and that said the people who are there r already at there wits end and the last thing they should ever do is make people more upset. U you know me at all i have always said i never want to sue anyone cuz most r cuz lazy bums trying to skate but this has almost cost me to murder suicide cuz i can not believe this could happen. I want every ounce of all there blood. I am mostly for the law. My sister is 13 years younger and is a officer in florida and i paid for a ton of her 5 years of college. Her first year out of state cost my parents and i 33,000 dollars and i dont tell her much cuz it makes her sick and upset... How would u do this hospital/ doctor betrayal?
Thank you for your response.

The doctor could only break the non-consent and release the information if they had a valid subpoena from court for the information. If they did not have such a valid subpoena, then you have grounds to sue the doctor for breach of his duty of confidentiality and also you would file a complaint with the US Department of Health and Hospitals for violation of HIPAA in releasing the information without legal grounds to do so and contrary to your request for the information to not be released.