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This question is for state of hawaii. If u got a tro from a

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This question is for state of hawaii. If u got a tro from a bias judge and u can proof that 90% of what they told judge was bullcrap lies and u have all legal proof and witnesses that witnessed them coming to your place 2 days in a row and u had no contact at all but them coming to your place and phone record proof now in hand that u call the police and they lied to get u out of house when never had a fight in any violence in 4 years can u get this dusmissed and expunged and request perjury charges snd legal cost????

A TRO is usually followed by a hearing to see if it should be made permanent. You can introduce your evidence and bring your witnesses to that hearing. If the judge finds in your favor and dismisses the restraining order. You can sue the other party for civil damages for filing a false affidavit. You can also present a transcript of the trial to the state/county prosecutor or district attorney and ask for them to be charged with perjury, but it is up to the state to bring criminal charges. TROs are civil matters, and you cannot expunge the record of the case.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I can not believe that i have typed 2 long other questions and there r not even showing up in my question box... Where did they go????????

Donna: All of your questions have been answered or are in the process of being answered. If you click on your name (at the bottom left of your Reply above, you then click on 'SEARCH' and you will see all of your questions listed there. You can click on them and see all the Answers.