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How do I file a quick claim on a car in California. I dont

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How do I file a quick claim on a car in California. I don't have possession of the car but it is still in CA. My stepson has it and his drivers license is suspended, he also got another ticket and has failed to appear in court. He is a fugitive according to the San Bernardino open access court records. He is also uninsurable due to not having a license. The car is a 1999 Saturn and is in both my wife's name and my own. The DMV has a form for non use but it states that it can't be driven or parked on the street.
Can I file a quick claim? If so , how?

There is no quitclaim change of title for a motor vehicle. The only way you can transfer the title to your stepson would be to gift it to him and use the standard family member transfer procedure (click here). Assuming you want to go through the trouble, and your stepson is available, you could drive to his location, fill out the forms, have the vehicle smog checked and transfer the vehicle to him.

That's the only way to get the job done.

You could, demand that he return the vehicle -- then if he refuses, you could call the police and report the vehicle stolen. But, you probably know what that would mean. Grand theft auto.

Those are the only options. Sorry for your difficulties. Hope this helps.
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