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my wife and I live at Gramcery Place condos. We have lived here for 15 yrs. The manager of

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my wife and I live at Gramcery Place condos. We have lived here for 15 yrs. The manager of Gramercy Place is with Signature Mgmt . Co. She has worked here for 2 yrs. We rec'd a letter 6/30/13 stating that she witnessed our dog urinating on vegetation. He urinated on the grass. Anyway, the letter also stated
that if she sees this one more time that we will be fined. Third time $100.00 fine and Forth time she will take legal action against us. Each add'l offense: per Scheduled fines. The letter states she will take legal action. She follows me when I walk my dog on several occasions. We are not the only family the has a dog. Several people at Gramercy have dogs and cats. All the 15 yrs I have lived here. I have never had this happen to me. Can we take legal action against her?

Thank you for your question today, I look forward to assisting you. I bring nearly 20 years of legal experience in various disciplines.


Unfortunately, it is not illegal to follow you in a public location to see if your dog violates the provisions of the agreement that you may have with the condo association.


While you may not be the only family with a dog, that doesn't mean that it is illegal for her to follow you. You'd need to establish that the only reason she is following you is discrimination based on an illegal factor, like your race or religion.


If she is simply following you based on the fact that your dog is the only dog she's seen "violate" the condo rules, that's not an illegal form of being singled out.


I'm sorry. If I could tell you differently, I would. The facts that you've outlined here though simply do not present any legal basis for you to bring any sort of legal action against her.

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