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socrateaser, Lawyer
Category: Legal
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I want to know how do I know when you are on line, you are

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I want to know how do I know when you are on line, you are my number one person that I want to ask all my question to, because to me you are the best, Smile

You talkin' to me -- or the cherubic looking gentleman?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I am talking to Socrateaser how do I know when you are on line or how do I get my question to you to answer ?


Thanks for your confidence. In the past, I would tell customers to put my userid ("To socrateaser") at the beginning of their new question. However, I believe that the website may now be redacting that information, so that the website can control distributions of each question.

The website used to (maybe still does) have an option to lock a question for a particular contributor for up to 24 hours. If it still does, then that would be a good way to make sure no one else sees the questions, until I do, because I'm online almost every day, except if I'm in the hospital or on vacation, etc. (which doesn't happen too often, because I already live in a resort).

If nothing else works, you can just reply to anyone else who tries to answer, "Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX'm only interested in corresponding with socrateaser." As soon as the other contributor realizes that he/she is not going to get paid, he/she will leave for greener pastures.

Eventually, I will find the question, because there are damn few questions that sit around untouched. The ones that are untouched will be answered by a moderator, who will come looking for me, when you tell them who you want to answer.

Hopefully, one of the above will work.

Thanks again.
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