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Dimitry K., Esq.
Dimitry K., Esq., Attorney
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Is it possible from one you to help a person too get Money

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Is it possible from one you to help a person too get Money out of his/ her bank.
This person is not in Denmark, but have Money in a danich bank.
Thank you for your post.

Please permit me to assist you.

Can you explain the details? What is the underlying situation as described to you?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I know there is a person WHO need some Money to paid for some think, he is in airport London - Interpool , but he can not use the credit cart, but I know that he have Money in his bank in Denmark, he have to go into the Court tomorrow, but if he pay he do not have to do that.

Sorry but I am not so good to write in English.

You can sent the anserw to me on mail:

[email protected]


If you can ore will I think maybe you can call this person, but I will have and anserw first



Not a problem, I will try to work with you and please take your time to reply. I need to ask you a few questions because the facts you provided make me believe that the other person is possibly not being truthful with you, and may be involved in a scam.

How do you know this person? Have you ever met this person in real life? Why is he in th airport? Why is the money blocked? Did he ask you to send him money, such as through Western Union or MoneyGram?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes he have ask for Money and I have sent Money to him, Western Union.

I have think about he was not a truthfull person but I have. No I have never met the person, I only have met him on dating. I have trust him becaus what a person he was.

I now I have be a, you now.


Thank you for your follow-up. What you are describing is a scam. Please notice that you did not provide me with the facts until I specifically asked for them, and I already assumed that he asked for money and that you never met. the reason for that is because what you are describing is unfortunately a very practiced scam. Their scams commonly start with people speaking on dating sites, never meeting, but becoming very interested in each other very quickly. Then the communication goes off the dating site and becomes one-on-one. Then, some sort of trouble happens--the person gets mugged or assaulted, or there is a medical emergency, or there is an issue with a visa or something with customs, or there is a banking concern. Somehow it becomes your responsibility and you are asked to send money. If you send money, more trouble happens and you are asked to send more and more funds. The trouble does not end, the person does not get clear of it, and people never meet. This is unfortunately all too common.

As for banks, most banks have branches and subsidiaries in other countries or locations. Going to one branch or partner will work as well as going to the main branch. If there is trouble, he can fix it from a different country, so the fact he states otherwise is simply untrue. I am sorry, he is likely not even in that location, especially since Western Union payments are extremely difficult to track and trace, and even harder to intercept. This is a scam, please do not send him any more money.

Good luck.

Dimitry K., Esq. and other Legal Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

To Dimitry Esquire.

I am sorry to disturb you one more time, but it is one of your colleague, he is in this cause, so I think it is not so good for him.

So if you can be able to get some of mien Money back it will be very good. I can tell you it is in US dollars 10.500, so it is a lot, if you can get some of them back to me, I will tell every Money get back ower 6.000 US

dallors will be yours.


The lawyer name isXXXXX Jeremy Law Chambers


If you can get some think out of this I will be very thanksfull.


Thank for you kindness.


Thank you for your follow-up and thank you again for requesting me to assist you further. My apologies but we here cannot represent you--we are barred by site rules from pursuing this for you. In addition I am really not sure that such an attorney even exists--most of the time that is simply a created name but no actual basis or background behind the person. I can suggest that you consider contacting the Internet Crime Control Center at to file a grievance, but I am afraid that I cannot personally assist you as your own attorney or investigator.

Good luck.