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Hi, I hope I can keep this short. I live in Indiana. Who

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Hi, I hope I can keep this short. I live in Indiana. Who has done me wrong is in Florida. It is just one Internet Fraud case. There is a cadre of companies in Arizona that work in unison. I have worked with the Arizona AG office to help me to contact these companies promising on-line income. So I passed the legal test there.

My issue is I was contacted a "third party," Of course they offered to help. They claimed their office is in Phoenix. Once I said yes, In just over a month they settled four disputes. Then they Client Services Management, (CSM) "suggested" that I pay for the remaining open disputes. Once my payment cleared. They too stopped all work in my behalf. I have little doubt, actually no doubt that CSM "controls" this network in Arizona. The method. They get payment to the defrauded but make sure that not all the disputes get settled and (based on conjecture) the actual money not used to settle all of their disputes.

They are not in Arizona with the rest of the entities. Their office is in Florida. A related side issue. I am getting nothing from the Florida AG office as I did in Arizona and Utah. I do not know why. But, six months from my first inquiry to about a month ago I refilled my complaint. The recording, states they are backed up and do not expect an immediate response. Six months?

I have everything documented in detail for all of my claims. I am "working" with a company in Florida, which is as it turns out is a collection agency. They claim that they have a lawyer to consult with, I am seeing that they are not as tight as they portrayed with their lawyer.

Unfortunately, I believe I am teaching this company instead of their teaching me. What they offer is they are overall honest and are within ten miles of CSM and know by sight who they are. About two weeks ago I wrote and sent CSM, a letter that I am now setting my sites directly on them. The amount that I expect to be reimbursed is
$20 020.00. In a very short time on the Internet, The "owner" has left a history of this same behavior. My one claim is one of probably a drop in the bucket of all he has left behind in his career.

The letter worked since I did get a response. I got a phone call from someone there that told me that all future communication needs be to through their lawyer. Now, a week later, I have not seen or heard anything from this lawyer.

They have played the identical game with me before. It is sad. They create an imaginary entity. Then, the first time you wait to hear from this company or individual. Of course they don't contact me, since there is no one. They have no lawyer unless it is a defense attorney.

The four options I gave them: Pay me what I claim. If not then the other options are we take them to court and I include lost wages, lost opportunities. (I own my own business) the three times the contested amount. Plus the anguish since their game has completely disrupted my usual cash flow. Based on that, he would have to have the expenses of preparation. Then I might decide to not show up. My satisfaction from that is knowing he spent his money to make a defense, he wins. But since no actual court decision was rendered, I can file again. He thinks. Or if I do show up the claim back to them which is not too difficult to document, to date this has cost me over $100.000.00 and then the treble damages to go to court his risk is $300.000.00. I did present four options and without looking it up, I do leave the best option to pay. I also included a release of future action on these cases. It would be done through an escrow service.

My short term concern is the company I hired in Florida. They tell me that now is the time for a short and direct to the point that I am not going away until I get in full what I consider a reasonable re-compensation which I mentioned above. I do not understand, my representing company. Some how this letter will open the vault and everyone will be happy for the rest of their days.

They sent me a letter on their to me for review and approval. What I read as there sample, in my estimation weak. I wrote my version of this letter, which I still believe is more demanding and no way out.

They responded with what I consider another weak attempt. My representatives claim that this letter will do it. I do not understand what makes them think their Mamby Pamby letter is better than my dagger through the heart. If I was the other company and received that, at this time.
Thank you for you question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the information we are seeking.

I have read your information provided above, but I am afraid that while I understand you have been scammed by CSM and have another company working on collecting from them, I am afraid I fail to see what your specific question for us is today. If you could please tell us your specific question we would be pleased to work to assist you.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Sorry for my delay. The question is: We have I would say, have taken and removed all the fluff. Is sending a letter for payment adequate in your mind or is there a better, solution?

Thank you for your response.

If this company CSM is part of the scam, the letter really is useless I am afraid, since they have no intention of paying you. There is no record of a company named Client Services Management with the Better Business Bureau as well.

I am afraid that really the only way to deal with this is not with some other debt collection company, but directly with a consumer protection attorney to sue this company in court in FL. We have seen so many of these alleged collection companies botch cases that I guess we are skeptical of them. If you get an attorney through the FL Bar directly or from one of the same sites used by other attorneys, or you have more control over what goes on and the attorney will just file suit.

Right now you really do not know who you are dealing with in FL and going direct to the consumer protection attorney is going to be the safest for you, because you have no guarantee this company you are dealing with is not part of the whole scam and is just looking to take your money.

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