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Got Divorced Rutherford County NC in 2008.My Thai scammer

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Got Divorced Rutherford County NC in 2008. My Thai scammer wife moved to California. I have been living in Thailand for the past 5 years, she is staying in California. I bought this home in Thailand in 2003 but Foreigners can not own land/ homes in Thailand so it is in her name. She had always told me (verbal agreement) I could live in this home for the rest of my life. Now she is trying to kick me out. I have 3 on going law suits against her here in Thailand, 2 cases for fraud and 1 case trying to stop her from kicking me out. Now she is treating to sue me back in the USA for suing her here in Thailand because it is not looking good for her to win in the cases here in Thailand. Basically my question is: If she does try to sue me in the USA about our Divorce Decree, would she have to do it in Rutherford County or could she do it in California?

She has remarried and i am sure she is going to scam him too.

When we got her K-1 visa to go to the USA, after we divorced and i move to Thailand, I have found out most the information she put on her visa application was false. Even thou she is remarried, can she face deportation, on fradulant vosa application?

Thank You, Duane

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1. Since you were divorced in Rutherford County, NC, that is the Court which has jurisdiction of the case and that is where your former wife would have to go to contest anything.



2. Whether or not she would face deportation would depend on the issues which were fraudulent. it would have to be up to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service ("USCIS").





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