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As I explained to you, I filed an Attorney Registration and

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As I explained to you, I filed an Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission complaint, and I can't figure out why on earth I should take this commission serious when they sent me the attorney's full original response. I can tell they did not even unbind it to make copies, and the signature is original along with all the labeling of the exhibits.

In fact, the same day it was stamped. It was put in the mail and sent to me via the postmark.

Can you please give me your take on why they would do that if they really planned on considering this case on the merits? Are these attorney commissions really paper tigers that simply go after the cases where attorney have already been convicted and just rubber stamp most real life violations? Kind of a two part question.

As a real attorney, you may have heard rumors on if they are actually legitimate about disciplining attorneys that haven't just gotten long prison sentences.

When I told the attorney I was filing a complaint. He laughed and said I'll write a 10 page response and be done with it.

Now it seems I have to mail them back the attorney's entire response along with my response. That makes absolutely no sense.

Thank you for your question and thank you again for requesting me.

Perhaps he filed two copies, as that is possible--one for you and one for the disciplinary board. That is generally prudent if the parties know that multiple copies would be made of the documentation. I do not know if that is the case, I am making a reasonable assumption on past experience.

I can also tell you personally that the disciplinary board is generally no joke. I do agree that in some jurisdictions there are more active than in others, but I personally know attorneys who have been disciplined or even barred from practicing law in certain locations for a variety of ethical violations. This isn't to say that some of these entities are far more deferential to each other than they should be, I will be the first to admit it, but legitimate boards do follow-up, do investigate, and do see if there is basis in your petition. The fact you filed and they requested him to respond is generally positive. Because quite a few complaints against attorneys truly have no merit, quite a few are thrown out in a cursory manner--but if filed and an attorney is requested to respond, then that is already potentially serious. I cannot tell you if this disciplinary board is merely going through the motion, but a response is already the next step of sort in this investigation.

Hope that helps.

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