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Hello! Im Olga. I live in TEXAS. Married with grazhd.Ameriki,

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Hello! I'm Olga. I live in TEXAS. Married with grazhd.Ameriki, 9/5 years old and live in Amerike this time. And, of June 20, 2013 my husband at skandale scratched my neck and was arrested. I bought him out of jail the next day. He went home and packed up and left I have not seen or heard from him since. He turned off his mobilnyy.On radiologist working in gospitale.I his friends began to write to me on Face book and on the phone that I should go to the police station to get Non presecuotion order on her husband, or it does not allow to work. We have a daughter 7 years. Necessary products, pay bills, and I have to survive what would he again worked in the police got the warrant. During the past days, on Monday evening his friends told me that he had himself put himself to the hospital and is mental pacient. Now his friends through the phone asked what I would have paid him a visit. He called me from a mental hospital and he wants me to come to him. I'm afraid I do not trust, because all workers Hospital his friends, and my husband was repeatedly bullied me put away in a mental hospital for years! I replied that I did not come to visit him. I his friends then began to send text messages to go to him. Said it will write out this weekend. But before that, I said to my husband:-The hospital and the psychiatrist will have to talk to me, and I shall come. I am totally against such a meeting! Must I go and meet with these people? Or I have the right to ignore it? Thank you.

Thank you for your question, Olga. Zdrastvuite, please allow me to assist you.

To answer directly, you have no legal obligation to go visit your husband at the mental hospital. You have no legal requirement to meet them, you are free to ignore it. You have to appear if there is a court order in place, but otherwise you do not have to show up.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you!! Do you speak Russian???

So, when my husband ready will go home from mental hospital, I do NOT MUST go and talk with doctors and bosses hospital. They allow to he go without me? Im VERY worry!!!! Thank you



You are most welcome. I do speak Russian, I am just not as fluent as I used to be.

If or when your husband is ready to come home, you can choose to go speak with his doctor but you do not have to do so. That would only be based on your choice. Your husband under state could release himself from the hospital if his legal rights were not taken away, so he could come home without your consent. But if you are so scared, consider obtaining a Restraining Order so he could not legally come back home to you and would instead have to go live somewhere else.

Bolshoy udachi vam!

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you Dimitry, I'm happy what you answer to me !!! The husband told me at phone from mental hospital what is 3 way take out he from this place-if he sign document himself allowed get he out /what he do no want do/ because need made payment very big bill for been there, second- IF doctor will said to he -he okay and he can go then- so in this case I MUST GO to hospital and speak with psychiatric doc and bosses hospital and sign documents what i okay feel if he be home ../ my problem is i do not want go there i'm afraid they lock up me there instead he, they all his friends, and he told me about that what can lock up me there if he want too for no reason! Or 3 way he can get out from mental hospital if they send he in institute ,,,,,


PLEASE DIMITRY!!! Maybe he want i come meeting he because doctor and bosses hospital will be SURE he go to home ???


I am glad that I was able to help you and provide you with a welcome response. They cannot lock you up unless they have cause, but I can understand your fear and work. As for why the doctors want you there, I really cannot make a guess--perhaps they want you to take personal responsibility for him or his bills (you are his wife so you are responsible for his medical care), but you do not have to make those decisions for him.

Good luck.

Dimitry K., Esq. and 2 other Legal Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Dimitry. People - my friends give to me advice go to police office and get from them restraining order for my husband who maybe try come back home at this weekend from mental hospital. Order like he can't coming in the house. They said I need be careful when he come and inside ours house he will maybe heart himself/ beating or something other things do/ and will call to police and will say what it me doing with he!!!!? What I need do? listing the friends and take restraining order? But I love this man, I love this person, it his house is and mine too, and i do not want be mean with he or do something bad for he I'm NOT! But afraid about if he will tell lie about me and I can loose a freedom than. For same reason I do NOT go to visit he in the Hospital and pick up he from there.

Thank you


Please understand that I cannot give you advice as I am not your attorney. I cannot tell you what to do or whom to listen to. All I can state is if you are really worried about physical abuse, assaults, or threats, or he has a history of that behavior toward you, then seeking a restraining order is likely not a bad idea. What you will choose is only up to you, and I understand that this is a complicated matter--but I really cannot answer it for you as this has to be your own decision whichever way you decide to pursue it.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Dimitry . Thank you very much for help! What need do for if you can be my attorney? Regards, Olga


I would love to help but site rules forbid me from representing you off-site or having you retain me directly as your attorney. I am sorry!

Customer: replied 4 years ago.





Husband come back to home from mental hospital.


Today he was going open in the bank his own bank account where he try hiding money from me ONLY for himself like he said for cays if he will be divorce with me! I'm worry if he no will allow have to me and ours daughter any money in the future.

What I can do now?





Hello again. Thank you for your question. As this question is now beyond the scope of the first post, could you please open another thread and I will be happy to assist you further. Thank you!