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I was verbally threatened: "You had better be careful and

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I was verbally threatened: "You had better be careful and if you ever do that again you are going to have real trouble." This was said to me after he individual initiated a conversation with me in a hostile tone. When I said I refused to have a conversation with the individual I walked away, he followed me, invade my personal space and made the above threat. What are my legal rights? Should I have called the sheriff? This is in the state of Colorado, Douglas County.

Did you know this individual or was this just someone you met at the facility?

Please explain the circumstances?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

This is a boarding facility where I board my horse. This individual works around the facility and is known to all the boarders. His son is the barn manager. Everyone in the facility has witnessed him verbally abusing his son. This occurred yesterday morning at 8:30, not witnesses. He intially accused me of "being hard on his boy..." he moved into my personal space, I looked him in the eye and said: "I refuse to have this conversation with you." I walked away and he followed me again moved into my personal space and made the threat.

Dear JACUSTOMER - It wouldn't hurt to report this to the police if you feel this person poses a future threat to your safety. If this had happened at someplace you do not frequent and was an isolated incident I would say there would be no need to do anything since you would probably never see the person again. but if you plan on continuing to use the facility and you feel the facility is not handling the situation then it may be a good idea to talk to the local police about the incident just to make them aware of this guy's propensities. You indicated that he has been seen abusing his son so it would appear that your incident was not simply an isolated occurrence. Only you know whether you fell there is a real threat or whether escalating this might harm your overall relationship at the boarding facility so I cannot make the final decision as to what you should do. I tend to err on the side of personal safety and if there is someone present who has the tendency for violence then the police should be made aware of the situation.
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