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My friend got into a fight. The other party made a complaint

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My friend got into a fight. The other party made a complaint about him but no arrests. He was baited and threatened. Both parties were warned by the police when they came out to answer the complaint. Is there a 'record' of this that will follow him because he did not make the complaint against the other party? Over the next several months this other party aggressively told everyone they could in the neighborhood that they had called the police on my friend, making it sound like they had no fault in the matter. By the time we realized this, we could not change people's opinion. No one came to ask his side.

Thank you for your question. Please permit me to assist you with your concerns.

If your friend was never formally charged with anything, even if a complaint was made about him, there is no formal record that he will need to disclose. There is a record of the complaint (as that is public record), but that record is not a criminal record or any sort of a direct claim that can in any way affect your friend. So no, this will not follow him around as it is not a conviction, merely a complaint.

Good luck.

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