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Recently my husband left in the car and returned later, hid the keys so I would be unable

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Recently my husband left in the car and returned later, hid the keys so I would be unable to go any where.
I found them and he was having crazy episodes, pushing me, breaking my collectables throwing my prescriptions to the floor and stomping on them and then got a roll of black tape and started wrapping it around my face and neck.
I called sheriffs dept and they arrested him. He got out the next day without bail but. Charged with false imprisonment, and a felon if he is found guilty.
He called one attorney and sent her a 3500. Deposit. I find it weird that his bill would come to that much and also very typical of him that he chose the first person he called
Hello there:

I understand the situation. How can I help?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

We are still married so if he owes money I do as well. What he was doing was trying to wrap me in tape and tape me to a chair, so that I could.t fight back.

He is twice the size of me, and some how I managed to keep getting away, all the bruising showed the next day.

His answer to this situation is that I deserved it because I kept screaming!

We are actually separated but were getting a condo ready to be sold so that we can pay that loan.

Do you think that he really needs an expensive attorney ?

Since they let him out with out bail, it does not seem like it was that serious in the judges eyes.

Thank you

Thank you for that clarification. First, it would be erroneous to assume that debts or expenses are always shared simply because a couple is married. The nuances of every case are different, but attorney costs are almost never shared in the event of a divorce, ESPECIALLY to defend a criminal action against the spouse. If a divorce occurred, there would have to be some extreme circumstances for a court to not order reimbursement to the victim spouse for attorney fees.

The $3,500 is most likely a retainer. An attorney cannot simply quit when a client quits paying, so an attorney will usually require the client to pay a fee up front, and that goes into a trust account. Then as expenses accrue, the attorney is paid from the trust account. If anything is left over when the representation is done, the unspent money is returned. The large initial deposit gives the attorney assurance that s/he will be paid for his/her work. Otherwise, many clients would have no problem having the services performed and then stiffing he lawyer on the bill.
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