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HI there, Im from Us and just send 1000usd for a girl in

Customer Question

HI there,

I'm from Us and just send 1000usd for a girl in the europe via western union but after 10 minutes westerunion call me and return my money for reason that is a fraud or something like that what can I do in this case to use this service?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Zoey, JD replied 4 years ago.
Hi Jacustomer,

Last year Americans lost $50 million to romance scammers. Western Union has come into harsh criticism for letting customers send their wires when they have reason to know that the money is going to a scammer.

How would they know? Well, just like we get many questions asking us about the same thing and giving us the same patterns and sometimes even the same people, so does Western Union, and they have begun to becom proactive to protect their business reputation.

These days if Westen Union sees a lot of wire transfers going overseas to the same address in a high scam country such as Ghana, Nigeria and Malaysia, they will refuse to let you send the wire.

There is nothing you can do about this. They do not have to take your business. You can go elsewhere to another wire service such as MoneyGram or buy your online romance a MoneyPak card. But before you throw away your money, step back and think of this. Why would a company that is in business to make a profit deliberately turn you away? It's because they are trying to warn you that you're asking for trouble and that they are in a position to know.

One should never send money by wire to anyone that you haven't met in person. Web cams and skype don't count. An online contact is a stranger until you've actually met, because too many of them are not really who, what or where they pretend to be but can hide behind the computer so long as you never meet.

Wire Transfers are instantaneous, irreversible and untraceable. You might as well throw your money off of your rooftop in the middle of a hurricane, because that's how close you'll get to ever seeing it again once the scammer bleeds you dry. Strangers don't ever ask strangers for money unless they are panhandlers and thieves.

You havent told me anything about the recipient of the wire, but I can already tell you that you met him or her on an online dating service or social networking site and that he or she fell in love with you faster than the speed of light and came on like gangbusters to sweep you off of your feet and charm you into thinking you were going to be the happiest man or woman on earth.

But that's just the way they get you to think with your heart instead of your head when they have some kind of problem for which they want your money.

Like I have said, you can contact this person and make arrangements to wire her another way. Or you can read this article and see how much sounds familiar. (See link)

You can also use the reply tab below and then the paperclip icon to upload his or her photo to the thread so that I can try to trace it for you. Not all the time, but often enough, it's a great way to learn what the person you think you're in love with is really up to. Western Union can't give you all that they know because they have to keep customer information private. But they know something, that's for sure, and you ought to check this person out more fully before running over to MoneyGram or WalMart and sending your money overseas to someone you have never met.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Is not from romance scam, I have been in spain to this girl is nothing scam

Expert:  Zoey, JD replied 4 years ago.

Hi Patrick.

You are saying that you know her and have met her in Spain in person and you know she is real?

Sometimes though, scammers hack into the Facebook or email accounts of people and then send emergency emails to all of that person's friends pretending to be the real person and asking friends and family for money to get out of a bad situation. People send money but meanwhile their friend is safe and doesn't even know that anyone is worried about them because there's no reason at all to worry.

Are you sure that the person you have been communicating with is really your friend in Spain and not someone just using her name to scam you.

If you have made sure this person is really the friend you've met, then you can tell Western Union that you want to send a wire to someone you spent tiem with abroad and that you have met personally and who is a friend.

If they still won't send it, use a service like MoneyGram

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I speak with him every time is not a scam 100% is not this the point. If they don't want my money why the clerk refuse me? Can I sue Wu in this case?

Expert:  Zoey, JD replied 4 years ago.

They told you why they don't want your money. The believe you will be defrauded.

No, there is nothing you can sue them for. A company does not have to do business with anyone they do not want to serve. There is no legal right to be able to send a wire via Western Union.