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I have been working overseas for a US based company (living

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I have been working overseas for a US based company (living on the job site) for a year and a half and recently found out i have a herniated disc in my neck. I have severe numbness in my hands and loosing ability to do anything like typing and even basice things like washing my hair. I have lost dexterity over the weeks. I told my supervisor who just says oh really..Not willing to discuss the issue. Me leaving the job would probably hurt the job considerably. Plus there is only about 4months of work left and I would get laid off. I just wonder how I should proceed. I dont know how or when the herniation appeared.

Thanks for your question.

Is your work in any way connected with a US military base?

Does your job involve heavy lifting (is the injury likely connected to your work)?

Do you have disability insurance?

Have you started medical treatment for your injury?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Dept. of State contract

sometimes when unloading material..5% mabybe requires lifting

I think so through work..some kind of overseas insurance

i went to doctor here..No good facilities here. had a ct scan and was notified about the herniation hitting the nerves. He gave me gabapentin which helps a little. There is no treatment such as chiroprctor or massage on site.

Thanks for your response.

What I would advise you to do is make a workers compensation claim under the Defense Base Act. As a contractor working for the US Government overseas, the Defense Base Act provides that you receive workers compensation coverage under the Federal Longshore Workers Compensation Act (regardless of the fact that you are not working longshore).

This will allow you to stop work and receive temporary income benefits and medical benefits during the pendency of your claim.

Where are you working overseas?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

iraq. I feel bad since they need me here..Just I worry it could get worse.

I understand. However, back injuries can and usually do get worse, especially if you are not receiving treatment.

If you catch the injury early enough and get the proper treatment, you can drastically reduce the likelihood that it will get worse.

You need to file the claim by contacting the following office:

New York Longshore District Office
Richard V. Robilotti, District Director
U.S. Department of Labor
Post Office Box 249

You can contact them by phone and you need to tell them that you want to file a Defense Base Act workers compensation claim.

They will handle it from there on out.

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