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Dimitry K., Esq.
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Need to sign an agreement that a certain ambulance

Customer Question

By The Grace Of G-D


Need to sign a LEGAL agreement that a certain "Ambulance Organization" (name will be given upon request) should never take me to a Mental Hospital against my will again. The ambulance organization have been acting like a "police" force in my community; anytime I do something "crazy" like scream in a crowd and this specific ambulance organization gets a call that "JOHN DOE IS SCREAMING AGAIN" this exact specific "Ambulance Organization" (name will be given upon request) responds and either they take me BY FORCE AGAINST MY WILL to a mental hospital, or they do this trick: The Ambulance Organization calls the police, they say "Here's a mental patient screaming, we need force" and the police come, they handcuff me and put me into the ambulance, and the police dont release me until they deliver me to the mental hospital, locked up, involuntarily, where I cant get out for like 2+ weeks until I go to court and the judge orders my discharge from the mental hospital.


(Side note: Thank G-D I don't have any mental issues.)


I've spoken to this ambulance organization, requesting them to leave me alone or I will sue them, because being in a Mental Hospital locked up for 2+ weeks waiting for the Judge to discharge me is not fun and it has also caused me to lose my job due to having dissappeared 2 times each over 2+ weeks (the first time I told my employer I had an emergency (of course didn't tell them I was in a Mental Hospital) but the 2nd time my job was over because I didn't have what to say - I just dissappeared again for 2+ weeks DUE TO THIS AMBULANCE ORGANIZATION I LOST MY JOB!.


I also got medical bills (see attached file) $20,000+ Medical Bill (Just one of many)due to these INVOLUNTARY hospitalizations by this Ambulance Organization totalling over $20,000 EACH, because a stay in these mental hospitals costs abit over $1000.00/PER DAY! And I have several such bills due to several hospitalizations.


I will however continue to scream in a crowd and exercise my right to freedom of speech and any other right I have. But I don't want to end up in a mental hospital again. So I started nicely - I spoke to the Ambulance Organization and asked them to agree not to take me to any mental hospital again.


So the Ambulance Organization agreed that if I scream again in a crowd and they get a call about me doing something weird, they will "talk first instead of taking me by force", but only 99% of the time, and they can't agree not to take me to the hospital "if they feel I need it" (what do you mean "I need it"? what are you a doctor? you're an ambulance organization!).


I also feel that some members of this Ambulance Organization disagree with some of my views (the issues I scream about in a crowd) and that is why they use any trick they have, even "abuse" their "force" as an Ambulance Organization to SHUT ME UP and attempt to stop me from doing the things I do.


So anyways, a verbal 99% agreement is not enough for me - I need a LEGAL agreement SIGNED by this Ambulance Organization with witnesses etc that (not 99% of the time, but) MORE THEN 100% of the time this "ambulance organization" will NEVER TAKE ME TO A MENTAL HOSPITAL AGAIN (regardless if I'm screaming or dancing or whatever). If they don't want to sign then I'll threaten to sue them. I'm starting nicely because after all they are an Ambulance Organization that saves lives and helps sick people etc.


So my question is:


What kind of LEGAL AGREEMENT should I write AND SIGNED WHERE (do I have to go to court? or can I just sign it in front of an attorney with witnesses etc?) AND BY WHOM (signatures from witnesses? lawyers? or notary? a judge?) stating what in the agreement would make this agreement a LEGAL agreement that can be taken to court and win without ANY hassles if the agreement was not kept?

I want the agreement to be:

"We, the ambulance organization will not take John Doe to any Mental Hospital".



The John Doe Ambulance Organization







And the consequences of failure to keep the agreement MUST be:

a) PAY me $1001.00 USD per day that I'm held in the Mental hospital against my will if they ever take me again to a mental hospital.

b) PAY my salary if I ever lose my job due to being in hospital AGAINST MY WILL for 2+ weeks (Ive already lost 1 job due to such an INVOLUNTARY hospitalization).


NOTE: I don't really want any money from the ambulance organization - I'm just using the "consequences" as a tool to FORCE THEM TO KEEP THE _LEGAL_ AGREEMENT. I NEED a MORE THEN 100% _NY STATE LEGAL_ AGREEMENT/GUARANTEE that this John Doe Ambulance Organization will NEVER TAKE ME TO A MENTAL HOSPITAL AGAIN, whether they take me themselves (by bunching up 5-10 guys to force me into the ambulance), or by lying to the police that "Here's a mental patient, we need to force him into the Hospital", or whatever.


That's all I want.


If you have any other/better ideas how to keep this "Ambulance Organization" from ever touching me let me know.


I just need a "more then 100% guarantee" that this "Ambulance Organization" will not attempt to bring me to a mental hospital again.


Thank you and G-D bless you.

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Dimitry K., Esq. replied 4 years ago.
Thank you for your question. Please permit me to assist you with your concerns.

My apologies, is this a private ambulance company or a public entity? I ask because there may be differences in their obligations? Are they "BLS" or "ALS" (basic life support for basic transport, or advanced life support). Please advise.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Regarding your questions if its private or public... I can give you their website if you want and you can research everything about them.


Regarding BLS or ALS: ALS.

Expert:  Dimitry K., Esq. replied 4 years ago.

I appreciate that but I do not need to research them, I meant if this is a for-profit private ambulance company or if it is some sort of a municipal or a volunteer ambulance that services the area. I am asking because I happen to be fairly knowledgeable of the business as I was an ambulance dispatcher for a bit prior to law, and am aware that private ambulances and 'public' or municipal ambulances are held to somewhat different standards pertaining to transportation of patients.

With a municipal ambulance you cannot sign any sort of an agreement that you propose because they have autonomy and like it as not, have the ability to make judgment calls pertaining to the physical and mental health of the person they are transporting. That means that even if they sign an agreement with you but then see that you are, in their estimation, in need of commitment, they will be required to take you to that facility, contract or no contract--that agreement will not protect you. With a private company, they have sightly more flexibility and they are also bound to save your life but they, being in profit for themselves, would instead contact municipal ambulance and then transfer you to them (and also use that as a basis to get out of the agreement). I am stating this not to discourage you but to have you realize that the agreement you propose can be bypassed fairly easily as it unenforceable--in fact ambulances can be held personally liable if they fail to take you for care that you are diagnosed as having. You can sue them after the fact for potential false imprisonment but you cannot, up-front, limit their choices in being able to properly diagnose you (that is why I asked if they are ALS or BLS, the former has far more responsibility to you as a patient even against your will).

Good luck.