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I have an odd situation that I do not know how to handle.

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I have an odd situation that I do not know how to handle. In December of 2011 my husband, who is a truck driver, parked our "extra" car on a lot that is located near his former company's office. He was permitted to park on this lot an an employee of the company. It is a secured lot, with 24 hour guarded security, which is owned by a seperate company. Since my husband was a long distance driver, the car was parked there until October 2012. No one ever contacted us in any manner during the period of time he had it parked there. We were finally able to go pick up the car in October of 2012, once he was off the road. When we went to pick up the car, the security guard let us into the lot. Of course the car needed to be jump started and air filled into the tires, since it had been sitting for so long. We did this with the equipment we has with us. I called to reinstate the insurance on the car while we were getting it prepared to take it back home. The only notice that was on the windshield of the car was a warning to move the vehicle or it would be towed, which obviously never happened. We took the vehicle home and have not renewed the tag yet, as we didn't need to use the vehicle. A few months ago, I looked into renewing the tag electronically, as my husband was preparing to get a new job and would need to use the car again. The online records told me I needed to get the emissions test done before I could pay the taxes and renew the tag. My husband finally got a new job a few weeks ago. We just took the vehicle to get the emissions test on Monday. I went to renew the tag electronically right after it passed emissions, but the system would not allow me to do so. I just went into our local tag office (we live in Cobb County Georgia), were they informed me that a stop hold had been placed on my title for the vehicle being abandoned, forbidding me to renew my tag. The tag office advised me to get in touch with the company that owns the lot to get the hold removed. I have called them and the only person there had no idea what I was talking about or how to handle the situation. She advised I get in touch with the manager of the lot, when he is in tomorrow. I need to know exactly what this "hold" means? Please keep in mind, we were NEVER contacted in any way about this matter from the company that owns the lot, their security let us take the car home in October, we have had the car for 8 months and they just recently placed a hold on it, we were allowed to park the car in the lot, I own the car outright and have the title in my possession and we owe no monies to this company for any reason. I am very confused about how this can be legal, given the circumstances. Any advice is greatly appreciated and I would like to know if I need to retain legal council as well. Thank you!
Ashleigh Jenkins
Thank you for requesting me.

I have would like some additional information in order to assist you. Did the licensing office indicate to you when the "hold" was filed? If so when?

Also I want to let know that I am going to be away from the computer for a few hours. I will respond though later this evening.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The date on the print out of the report the title office gave me is 12/21/11, apparently this must have been when the hold was placed/reported to the state. I remember the exact time when he parked the car there, which was 12/18/11. They had no reason to even claim it abandoned within in a few days of parking it in the lot and he was permitted to park it there.

Thank you for that additional information. I apologize for the delay in getting back to you. I had trouble with my internet connection.

What you need to do is to have whomever filed the initial abandoned vehicle form sign this form after it has been filled out with appropriate information.

Once this form is completed file it with the Department of Revenue/Motor Vehicle Division. Under the statute you should have been sent certified mail notice when the initial filing was made claiming the vehicle was abandoned.

This apparently was not done. This may be grounds to have the abandoned vehicle designation set aside. Utilizing the MV-603R form is a much easier method.

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