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Approximately 3 years ago I entered a HAMP modification program

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Approximately 3 years ago I entered a HAMP modification program with Bank of America. Up until this very day (6/19/13) it has been one mess after another. The first error on the Bank's part was denying the modification because according to them I did not enclose the proper documentation. I called and was advised at that time based on the correspondence from the Bank (which was in error) that I should ignore same and the modification would proceed. This was in October 2010! Some months later I received some modification documents to sign, have notarized and returned to the Bank. I did this. Three years later I was still going through this so-called modification procedure. At least three times in the past three years I was unable to pay on line because of the modification. Last year an attempt was made to charge unwarranted late fees. Because I kept insisting that since the modification I had never been late; always paid at least two weeks ahead of when due. Finally the so-called Bank sent me a check returning the late fees. Then I was advised last year that the modification papers were in error and I needed to sign another set, which I did and had a notary supplied by the Bank notarize and take these documents with her and return them to the bank. Finally, I was able to pay on-line for at least 3 months. Now again unable to pay on line. I have every piece of paper sent by the Bank most of which have notes as to who I spoke to and what I was told. Today I was advised there is a "WARNING CODE" on my account which will not allow me to pay on line. I refused to pay for paying via phone. I am upset and scared of Bank of America. Can I get some help?
Hi! I will be the professional that will be helping you today. I look forward to providing you with information to help solve your problem.

Good afternoon. I certainly understand the situation and your concern. Did they tell you why this "warning code" is on the account and preventing you from paying on-line? Did you ask that it be removed and if so, what was their response? Is this a result of you paying in advance and the payment not yet being due in the system?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I was connected to the
FHA Advocacy & Collection person by the name of Licia who advised that this code was entered on April 24, 2013. When I asked why she started some talk about I was under modification. I explained after asking her was she with FHA or the Bank, that the modification had been completed. She replied she was with the Bank saying I could pay via phone. She then mentioned something about a $10.00 fee which I refused to pay as in my mind this was not an error of mine but Bank of America's continued mishandling of this matter. Bank of America is filled with folks who have no idea as to why things happen.

Maxine, thank you for the additional information. It is not uncommon for banks to charge a fee to pay over the phone. The only alternatives are paying online ( which they will not allow) or mailing in a monthly check, when the statement is received and due. The fact that you are under a modification, which is my opinion should not take 3 years but only a couple months, should not prevent you from paying online. My thought about what you stated above is that as a result of the payments being made too early, they were being applied to the principle and not the monthly payment, as you wanted. The system likely automatically credited it to your account, since it was not yet due. It appears you need to escalate the matter to a supervisor or someone else, bringing to their attention the problem and getting a specific answer as to why payment can not be made online and why you are being FORCED to pay a $10.00, unless they will allow a check to be mailed each month.
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