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I lost a small claims court case for $5000 for pain and suffering.

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I lost a small claims court case for $5000 for pain and suffering. I am a driving instructor. The case was for $10,000 and all sorts of accusations and doctor bills . The judge knocked off $5000 right away. Something about minors. The parent claimed mistreatment and emotional trama to the 17 and a half minor. This was a 1 hour driving lesson. We had another student in the back for 20 minutes that was dropped off. He never saw any bad behavior. WOW !!! What is the reason he knocked off $5000. The minor was never questioned just testimony from the dad. His daughter has pshycotic episodes he told the court. BINGO ! I some how made it worse. She could not drive for 3 weeks. LIES , How do i question a minor in the CIVIL appeal. Her driving lesson was not tramatising. I have phone records I was not allowed to show in court. They called 24 hours later to make another appt. This was after the 1st driving lesson and contract given back signed by the Mother and daughter too ! They were mad that I canceled the contract for our clause of abusive behavior. We spread out the driving lessons. 6 hours in 6 Months and they agreed to it. They argued and caused too much strife on the phone. They wanted a refund and the lawyer father was going to make accusations i have on a recorder to get a refund or else.....

I'm sorry to hear that you lost the case. I have read the other posts here and agree with the information provided by VAMD, Esq regarding how you need to proceed on appeal in the superior court.

You pointed something out interesting above, there was another person in the car with you. Why don't you subpeona the kid and get him to testify that what is being said is a lie?
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